Workers Of The St. Petersburg Hyundai Plant Go On A Corporate Vacation

  • Workers of the St. Petersburg Hyundai plant go on a corporate vacation
      The company's conveyor will be stopped on July 21 , production will resume at full capacity on August 4, the press service of the company said. 

    During the break for the traditional corporate vacation, the company will carry out scheduled maintenance and repair of production equipment.

    In 2021, LLCHyundai Motor Manufacturing Rusplans to produce about 230 thousand cars.

    This indicator corresponds to the capacity of the enterprise at maximum load and three-shift operation.

    From the assembly line of the plantHyundai Motor Manufacturing Ruslaunched in January 2021, more than 700 thousand copies of cars came off. According to the results of the first half of the year, production at the enterprise increased by 3% compared to the same period last year. In June, the plant started production of a restyled version of the best-selling foreign car in Russia - the Solaris model.

    The updated Solaris hatchback can be purchased for at least 463,900 rubles, the cost of the sedan starts at 473,900 rubles.


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