Why I Love Bmw

  There are people who honor only one brand and do not want to hear about any alternatives. It is not easy to find a fan of Kia or Peugeot, but BMW is able to collect armies of loyal fans. So why are they so goodBavarians. ? We asked this question to the BMW owner. 

A strange question was asked to me the other day:Why do you love BMW? Why BMW? .

I remember that I was sitting in an armchair then, and even if I had not been sitting in that armchair, I still would have had to sit in it, because such issues are simply not resolved. I do not know the answer to them. Why do you love something or someone? Love. How can I describe it in words? What is this anyway?

You know, love is a strange thing. For example, I don't remember at all how I fell in love for the first time.

Maybe because it was some kind of completely unnecessary love for me, or maybe this feeling was simply forever and firmly interrupted by my current true love.

Also, I don't remember at all when I fell in love with cars. I don’t remember when my heart started pounding at the sight or even the mention of an interesting model to me. I don't even know why I fell in love with cars. People love soccer, beer, cocaine, swinger parties, and eating at night.

In our time, you rarely meet a real connoisseur of automotive culture, although, to be honest, they, of course, are, which I am immensely happy about. But I am sure that half of them will never remember where this attachment to the gland came from.

I'm trying to remember when I fell in love with motorsport. But even this is ineffectual. Sometimes I feel like I wanted to be a racer my whole life.

In fact, of course, this is far from the case. As a child, I dreamed of becoming not even an astronaut, I wanted to become a policeman. The real one who catches the bandits. And I should have been hurt. And everyone would be worried about me (I have a clear craving for increased attention and care).

Why I love BMW

Then I wanted to be a rock musician, then a rap artist, then a writer, a journalist, again a rap artist ... In general, do nothing and live for your own pleasure. And somewhere in between, I wanted to be a racer.

Moreover, I definitely had to get into the wall at a speed of 240 km / h, and everyone would worry about me (yes, this thrust again). However, I also did not become a racer and will never become.

I don't remember exactly when I fell in love with writing these letters. It just started once by itself. And I liked it, and then somebody else liked it, and I liked it even more.

But kill me, I don't remember when. Love is a strange thing, I say ...

Here we smoothly and come to the main topic of our conversation.

It is worth mentioning that for most of my adult life, I have recognized only one car brand. I wanted to have a racing car of this brand, I wanted such a car for every day, I wanted my wife and all my future children and great-grandchildren to drive it. If I was filled to the brim with money, it would be undoubtedlyPorscheor Ferraribut I'm not that rich, so I only thought about BMW. And not the mostfreshyears. Time passed, everything changed, the weather, people around, the ruble exchange rate, my weight, the amount of money in the nightstand, one thing remained unchanged - Love for BMW.

Why I love BMW

So why exactly BMW? Why do you love BMW ?- they ask me again. I don’t know what to say. Is it possible, for example, and so on the move to take and answer the question:Why did you fall in love with your wife ?. . Do they love for something? Can you answer this question? Not, of course, if your meticulous bore friend is sitting at the same table with you, who, with his free hand, not occupied by a glass of whiskey, adjusts his glasses and, tilting his head to one side, asks :Well, all the same, for what? .

.. . You will begin to uncork those very distant and forbidden kegs of consciousness, created to answer the stupid question:Why ?. .

Why I love BMW

So why BMW? To begin with, this is undoubtedly design. From the 70s to the present day, with the exception of some freaks, they all look alike, and yet only themselves. Beautiful, recognizable by shape, proud thoroughbredhorseswith four round headlights, puffy nostrils and wide hips. If suddenly your BMW does not seem beautiful enough for you, just remove the native bumpers from it and throw them away, or even better, just burn them to hell, you will no longer need them. All you need to do next is hang up the factoryM,aerodynamics.

,sportsor, as there it can still be called, a body kit, and everything falls into place. Of course, this will not help the freaks, but a good impression from about 80% of the models will be able to be preserved. In addition, personally, I believe that in order to understand whether a manufacturer's car turned out beautiful or not, it needs to be painted white. Many BMW models are very, very good. Weird coincidence.

Why I love BMW

Why I love BMW

Yes, they all look alike like identical twins, and it infuriates many. People think it's idiocy to produce identical cars year after year, and that's all I need. I am conservative, I don’t want to drive a spaceship, I don’t need extra hi-tech, I love classics. Produce it, please, as long as possible, I will be glad.

Take a look at the BMW dashboard for example - in my opinion, it is great.

Classic instrument layout, nothing more. And this gentle, red-yellow light that adorns her? I found something similar inMercedesbutMercedes- it's not mine at all. ..Mercedesbuilt to drive you, and BMW to drive.

That is, BMW is for the driver,Mercedes- for passengers. An old bike that became true for me.

However, I digress. Classics are what I love. If you love BMW, you love it for its conservatism, imperceptibly reckoning with the modern inventions of mankind.

Once I was on a big test drive organized by a huge number of car dealers. Among other things, I then rode the GLK. Omitting the superb driving performance provided by the dealerMercedes. , the best of the lineup, with some kind of huge diesel engine that took me up the hill at the speed of a jet fighter, I'll focus on the dashboard.

Why I love BMW

Such a classic tidy: speedometer, tachometer and indicator lights that will light up if suddenly something will go wrong.

Nothing superfluous, with maximum information content, without all theseChristmas treeson the torpedo. After MercedesI got into some kind of big Kia. Turned on the ignition and went blind. Blinded by a riot of completely inconsistent green, bright blue, neon and purple lights, in which I did not understand a damn thing.

In general, I vomited in Kia.

..Mercedeswas the best car for me on that test drive, it had something dear. Strict features, classic design, interior comfort, warm blanket, fireplace, marble mastiff - in general, everything is strict, intelligent and quite aristocratic, like in BMW. Breed.

Do you understand what I mean?

Why I love BMW

Sound. If you love BMW, you also love it for the sound. The incomparable, divine sound of the in-linesixesBMW needs to be heard at least once. The low, deep voice of the machine that says:Come on, do it to me, handsome !. .

What can we say about the V-shapedeights. ,tensand, of course, twelve-cylinder engines. Song! Half of the Russian stage will need to be sent to Siberia, if suddenly on the same stage next to them the BMW motor starts singing. With in-linefoursthings are not so good, but still there is a lot to listen to, especially on the new engines.

Why I love BMW

But the most important thing for which you love BMW is for how this the car is driven.

How he drives and lets you drive. In Russian, there is no substitute for the word Drive, precise in meaning and strength. So BMW, this is the very car that at the moment when you do Drive with it, gives you DRIVE ...

an endless and merciless drug that pierces you through and through. And there is nothing, there is only you, the road and the car. And in this car you feel more comfortable than at home. Real driving pleasure.

BMW for me has always been strongly associated with motorsport, the second drug that never lets go.

It is motorsport that makes cars real. Motorsport allows manufacturers to make civilian cars better and more reliable. Any BMW, from the smallest coupe to 2-tontruckswith an X index, it steers the same way - with a sharp, informative steering wheel, and you feel the car literally with your fingertips.

You are a pilot, and after BMW - only inPorscheor a vertical takeoff fighter. This is exactly what makes you the fastest, the most expensive.

And if you really love it and you want to enjoy it, you need to drive a good BMW. And this, by the way, is very important. Don't ruin your first impression. Maybe I was lucky, but my first BMW was pretty darn good.

There are people who believe that BMW isit's prestigiousand that's it.

There are people who say:This is finally a real kid's car. , and, in fact, that's all ... Do not listen to either one or the other, because the former most often do not use its potential even half, and the latter ride on such finished buckets that you can even take out the saints.

Why I love BMW

BMW is history. History of sounds. Sounds of motors giving all their power for one purpose. History of smells. Smells in the air, cocktails of gasoline, oil and rubber.

History of lines. Sketches, drawings and drawings embodied in strict forms. A story of courage, courage, records, achievements. History of victories. And you want to be a part of these stories.

You become her. .. Obtaining small victories every day.

Why I love BMW

Speaking of love for BMW, one cannot fail to mention such a rapid reaction unit.

Undercover secret agents. But if you are in the subject, you can easily calculate them in the stream, and a smile will involuntarily visit your face. There are not many of them, but they are very strong. I'm talking about BMW /// M-series now. Sedans and coupes, it is very difficult for them to find competitors in their class, and probably not necessary.

You just have to try it. Those feelings. What gives you /// M. And believe me, any crazy BMW fan dreams of only one thing: to have one in the garageemkuor better - not one. Approach, wipe with a cloth like a real work of art.

BMW is a great car. You never get tired of her. It's like a best friend or something. A friend with whom you have the same interests and even a common lifestyle. This is endless movement, speed, somewhere even extreme.

This is your world. The world, as we know, consists of little things, and in this small world called BMW everything is in its place: the middle console is pleasantly turned towards you, towards the driver, because this is your car. Soft ride, sharp steering wheel, floor gas pedal, soft lighting for instruments, chairsmotorsportor comfort. , the sound of the engine, not the road, you can and with nice-sounding music, rear-wheel drive, you can complete. Everything is yours here, you feel comfortable and pleasant to drive the car.

Every kilometer - enjoyment of the road, car, life, in the end. You become happier and a little kinder. You just step on the gas.

Why I love BMW

Even if you descend from heaven to earth, with all these blah blah blah about racing and driving pleasure, and to admit that we have nowhere to go (some traffic jams and holes all around), my position in life will not change anyway. Even just standing in traffic jams is much more pleasant in a German car than, say, in a Russian, Korean or Japanese car.

And it just so happened that of allGermansmy choice fell on BMW. It's great to just stand still in them. Cozy or something. Yes, and you can't hear much from the street - you never know what they have there.

In general, I made my choice.

Everything has been clear to me for a long time. I don't know if I managed to accurately convey the answer to that very question:Why ?but I'll try to add something else. Now I have grown up, I am not the boy who gets turned on by every skirt. I see thousands of cars around, find hundreds of them that I really like, learn something about them, study, write.

Draw an analogy with women and you will understand everything.

They are all beautiful, each in its own way. Many, very many you would like to see next to you in bed, with some you even allow a slight flirtation, but you made your choice a long time ago. You love only one, the same one, and you are infinitely devoted to her.

Why I love BMW

P. S.

To avoid this slobbering happy ending, you still need to add a little more. I'm an honest man, after all. BMW is a great car, if not for one thingbut. … this is the biggest onelumpy sucksof all that I have ever seen.

Regardless of whether you have a new car orFrankensteinfrom the 90s, know: it can break anytime.

And you have to pay for it, and a lot. How do you want? BMW will give you incredible sensations from comfort, driving, fill you with adrenaline and make you sing along to the beat of its beautiful engine, but all this will have to pay. It's as if you wanted to really eat, drink and have head-blowing sex without obligation at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Expensive, but these emotions are mmmmm. .

. After all, you love yourself?


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