Volkswagen Unveils Fox Pepper Concept

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Volkswagen unveils Fox Pepper concept
  At the end of October, a motor show will open in São Pula, Brazil, where Volkswagen will present the Fox Pe4044er concept hatchback. The car is based on the Fox supermini sold in several countries in Latin America. It is possible that the model will receive a special version, the solutions of which are demonstrated on the new concept car. 

Volswagen Fox Pe5254er received a new body color calledRed Tornado(roof painted black), new honeycomb grille, bumper, plastic protection, 15-inch alloy wheels.

Volkswagen unveils Fox Pepper concept

Photos of the interior of the new Fox Pepper conceptVolkswagendid not publish, but described in words what to expect: red edging of the air vents, new design leather seats, nameplates with the version nameFox Pepper.

, an infotainment complex with a 5.5-inch display with navigation.

Volkswagen unveils Fox Pepper concept

The concept car received a 120-horsepower 1.6-liter ethanol engine. Acceleration to the first 100 km / h takes 9.

8 seconds. The top speed is 198 km / h.

Volkswagen Fox is sold in Brazil. Vehicle dimensions: 3 828 x 1 660 x 1 544 mm. For these parameters, the hatchback can be attributed to the classBhowever, the company itself positions Fox assuperminithat is, an A-class car, due to the low cost.

Volkswagen up! (uSkodathis is Citigo).

The German automaker does not have models similar to the Volkswagen Fox on the Russian market. It is worth noting that the segmentApresented in Russia extremely sparingly: Chevrolet Spark (price - from 452,000 rubles), KIA Picanto (from 434,900 rubles), Citroen C1 (from 459,000 rubles), Fiat 500 (from 562,000 rubles), Smart ForTwo (from 550,000 rubles). Looking at these prices, it becomes clear why this segment is unpopular in our country. This year, Suzuki has curtailed sales of Splash, and the prospect of a new Suzuki Celerio in Russia is extremely vague.


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