Volkswagen Is Considering Acquiring Chrysler, Alfa Romeo And Ferrari

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    Volkswagen is considering acquiring Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari
      The German automaker is considering buying three brands from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. 

    Manager Magazin reports that negotiations between the head of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piëch and representatives of the Elkann and Agnelli families have so far been unsuccessful for various reasons. First of all, the price expectations of the representatives of both companies turned out to betoo far apart. , it also turned out that representatives of the Italian part of the concern did not plan to implement the Ferrrari brand, but are ready to sell Chrysler and Alfa Romeo.

    The German automaker has repeatedly made it clear that it is interested in acquiring all three brands, but is particularly interested in Chrysler.

    ..Chryslerhas an extensive network of dealerships in the USA, through which Volkswagen plans to start selling cars of its own production in this country. Fiat said it had no interest in selling Chrysler until next January.


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