Vladimir Vasiliev Won His First Victory At The Dakar

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Vladimir Vasiliev won his first victory at the Dakar
  Russian MINI crew won the fifth special stage. 

The fifth special stage of the Dakar-2021 rally-raid was victorious for Russian crews not only in the category of trucks. In the off-road standings, the best time for passing the SS was demonstrated by the crew of Vladimir Vasiliev in MINI!

Moving from Argentina to Chile took a lot of effort from all the race participants. But Vladimir Vasiliev and his co-driver Konstantin Zhiltsov managed to tune in and show the best result at SS5. The crew, which started 15th, took the lead after a quarter of the route, and did not give the first place to anyone until the very finish.

Vladimir Vasiliev won his first victory at the Dakar

Despite the difficulties, Vladimir Vasiliev, became the leader of the special stage and did not give first place until the very finish.

"Today the first twenty started at an interval of one minute, and we already in the first thirty kilometers, in my opinion, overtook two cars," Vladimir Vasiliev said. Apparently, they took such a high one. We see dust - we overtake, we see dust - we overtake. Usually you go and go at your own pace, but here you see a car in front, you start to start and overtake.

Plus I slept for the first time yesterday, or rather, not that I slept, but slept. Before that, I did not sleep for three nights. Not only did I fall asleep, I woke up, but I could not even sleep. Rest is a great thing! "

Vladimir Vasiliev

Vladimir Vasiliev won his first victory at the Dakar

Vladimir Vasiliev won his first victory at the Dakar.

"It was a rather hard day, a long distance," added Konstantin Zhiltsov.

"There were a lot of fashion fesh, stones, shaking. In general, a rather hard day for a car , and for the crew. In the morning everything went fine with us, rolled out. We started in a minute, and along the route we were constantly catching up with someone. We see the car in the distance, which means we need to catch up and overtake.

with a road book. Tomorrow everyone will start together again, and the trucks are mixed in a common starting position, depending on today, so there was no way to lose today. Otherwise, tomorrow you will start with the trucks. "

Konstantin Zhiltsov

The second time on SS5 was shown by Yazid Al-Raji, who lost to Vasiliev only 20 seconds. The third time is on the account of Robbie Gordon, who has already lost 1 minute and 25 seconds to our crew.

Thanks to the victory, Vladimir Vasiliev rose to seventh place in the general classification of off-road vehicles. The leader of the standings is still Nasser Al-Attiyah, in the second place is Jiniel De Villers, and in the third place is Yazid Al-Raji.

Vladimir Vasiliev won his first victory at the Dakar

Vasiliev was ahead of Yazid Al-Raji, who showed the second time, by only 20 seconds.

Among the losers of the fifth day of the rally-raid was Carlos Sainz. Two-time world rally champion and winner of Dakar-2021, shortly before the finish of SS5, due to dust hanging over the track, he made a mistake, crashing into a rock.

As a result, his Peugeot 2008 DKR rolled over five times and was completely wrecked. For El Matador, this means only one thing - an annoying retirement.

Other Peugeot works crews continue to race. Stefan Peteransel showed the fifth time on SS5. But Cyril Despres tore off a wheel 40 kilometers before the finish line.

The Frenchman had to wait for the help of a technician, and as a result, he arrived at the bivouac only late in the evening.

In the Dakar-2021 standings, after five days of the race, the crews of the Russian KAMAZ-Master team are confidently leading.


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