Uaz Cars Performed By Devolro Will Be Tested On Two Continents

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  • UAZ cars made by Devolro will be tested on two continents
    UAZ cars performed by Devolro will be tested on two continents
      Tuning studio Devolro will create nine experimental cars for testing new design solutions. The SUVs will be properly tested during two large-scale runs on the roads of North America and Eurasia. 

    The Devolro company plans not only to modernize the popular models of the UAZ brand, but also to establish their small-scale production. Such a step requires deep preparatory work and comprehensive testing, because within the framework of the project new power units will be installed, the off-road potential of cars will significantly increase.

    In the photo: render of UAZ Hunter and Patriot performed by Devolro

    To participate in the test runs, nine cars will be built, among which there will be two Hunter, Patriot and Picku45, as well as three Cargo SUVs, on the basis of which they will be equippedtechsand a car for the medical team.

    Two prototypes, accompanied by a support team, will set off on a rally-raid across the United States from Miami to Seattle. After that, the SUVs will be transported by ferry to Vladivostok, from where they will have to get to Moscow or Sochi (the end point of the trip is still in question).

    In the photo: Toyota Tundra Devolro during the race10,000 versts . Experimental UAZ


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