Toyota Supra Will Be Reborn Under The S-Fr Name?

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  • Will Toyota Su31ra be reborn under the name S-FR?
    Toyota Supra will be reborn under the S-FR name?
      Late last month, the Japanese automaker registered a new acronym for the future sports car, as it became known now. 

    As you know, in addition to the GT86 coupe (sold as the Scion FR-S in the USA), there should be two more sports cars in the Toyota lineup. The S-FR, which will be the ideological successor to the legendary Supra, will have a front engine and rear axle drive.

    According to rumors, the new Supra was supposed to receive a hybrid power plant, but these plans were abandoned: most likely, under the hood there will be a six-cylinder gasoline turbo engine from the German company BMW, together with which the model is being developed ..

    . In terms of design, the novelty will be similar to the FT-1 prototype.


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