They Won't Stand Up For The Price: Ford Is Preparing An Updated Fiesta Rs Wrc

  • They won't stand up for the price: Ford is preparing an updated Fiesta RS WRC
      M-S31ort intends to compete for the podium in the remaining races of the WRC season. 

    There is an incredible battle for technical superiority in the World Rally Championship, teams are diligently updating their cars one after another. The goal is the same for all - to remove from the world podiums colleagues from Volkswagen, who seem to have very firmly established themselves there. Now it's the turn of the M-S38ort, Malcolm Wilson said their updated Ford Fiesta RS WRC could do it.

    They won't stand up for the price: Ford is preparing an updated Fiesta RS WRC

    Elfin Evans has successfully defended the team colors this season.

    Is it time for a change?

    Elfin Evan is now fifth in the overall driver standings, while the M-S53ort is third in the manufacturers' competition. So far, this result cannot be called a triumphant march even with a big stretch, so already in Portugal next month the team will put into battle a new Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

    Although the car looks completely indistinguishable from its predecessor, the team claims that the new Fiesta RS WRC has received approximately 80% of the updates. They touched on the engine, the location of the radiator, intercoolers, electronics, transmission settings and differentials. Such large-scale interventions in the design of the car are caused by the serious ambitions of the team.

    They won't stand up for the price: Ford is preparing an updated Fiesta RS WRC

    Externally, the car will be identical to the current version of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC. The main thing is hidden from view

    Pilots Elfin Evans and Ott Tänak have spent a lot of time working on test trials in recent months. The results of these tests allow the team to feel a certain optimism: if nothing goes wrong at the last moment, the new Ford Fiesta RS WRC will be presented at the Rally Portugal.

    The fact that the protagonists of the M-S81ort - Elfin and Ott - are happy with the machine inspires the leadership of the team. Malcolm Wilson even ventured to suggest that with the help of the new car, his boys will be able to call on the podiums in the remaining races of the season.

    In any case, it will not be easy to do this, since the rivals are not asleep.

    This is probably the biggest project since the Focus, when we change our car so dramatically. The new Ford Fiesta RS WRC has already gone through more than 5,000 km of testing, which is more than any test program we've done before, whether it's prelaunching a Focus, a Fiesta or a Su83er 2000. Following recent tests, Ott and Elfin are very pleased with the car and they are are constantly sharing their experiences and information, which gives engineers great feedback for work.

    Malcolm Wilson, Team Leader M-S91ort

    They won't stand up for the price: Ford is preparing an updated Fiesta RS WRC

    One of the most promisingprivate tradersFord - Robert Kubica

    The time to test all assumptions will come very soon.

    However, Wilson is aware that the fight even with a new car will be very tough. ..Of course, when there are two young drivers on a team, you have to be realistic, added the M-Sport boss. - But I really believe that in the second part of the season, combining the new car with the increased experience of Evans and Tianak, we can count on top places.

    This will be a great reward for us. .

    Ahead of the WRC season participants will be mainly gravel races, but there will be room for asphalt, so the new brainchild of M-Sport will have a wide field of maneuver. The main thing is, if only not a deep lake, as happened in Mexico.

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    Photo :Wheels. RU/ Andrey Fomchenkov


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