The Victory Parade In Minsk Will Be Hosted By The Chinese Convertible Hongqi L5

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    The Victory Parade in Minsk will be hosted by the Chinese convertible Hongqi L5
      On May 9, the commander of the Victory Parade in Minsk will change from the traditional GAZ-1405 Seagull on the Chinese four-door convertible Hongqi L5. 

    A pair of such vehicles was transferred to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus in the framework of cooperation with the defense department of the PRC. The convertible was created on the basis of the Hongqi L5 limousine and differs from it, in fact, only by the complete absence of a roof (not even a cloth top is provided) and the presence of a handrail so that the parade commander could stand while driving.

    In the photo: Hongqi L5 during the rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in Minsk. Photos News.


    Hongqi L5 is a truly monumental car. Its mass is 3.2 tons, and the convertible is powered by a 402-horsepower V12. The motor, aggregated with a six-speed automatic transmission, allows a heavy car to accelerate to 200 km / h, but this is in theory. In practice, the hydropneumatic suspension is much more useful, which guarantees the smoothest and most majestic ride.

    The drive is carried out on all wheels.

    In the photo: Hongqi L5 on the day of delivery to Minsk. Photos Vayar

    In the cabin, everything is subordinated to emphasize the status of the passenger, whether he is an owner or an official. The salon is finished with high quality leather and wood, all devices are exclusively digital.

    Pictured: Hongqi L5.

    Photos Vayar


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