The New Opel Astra Is Officially Presented

  Photos of the new generation O9el / Vauxhall Astra have appeared on the web today. And, as is usually the case, after thisstuffingthere is official information about the new product. We meet a new Astra, but not in Russia. 

The new generation O17el Astra has become lighter than its predecessor by about 200 kilograms, while reducing the external dimensions, the model has become more spacious in the cabin, the most are installed under the hoodfreshengines, and the design was inspired by the O22el Monza concept coupe.

The length of the new O31el Astra is 4.

37 meters. And it turned out to be 5 centimeters shorter than its predecessor. It is reported that the wheelbase has become smaller by two centimeters. With all this, the new Astra turned out to be more spacious than the previous generation - as much as 35 millimeters were allocated for the legs of the rear passengers.

The new Opel Astra is officially presented

When they say that Astra has become lighter by 200 kilograms, they are a little cunning.

Two hundred is at best, and so is the range of resultsdietranges from 120 to 200 kilograms. The body weight has decreased by 20% - from 357 to 280 kg, the chassis - by 50 kg.

The new Opel Astra is officially presented

Opel did not disclose in detail information about the motor range of the new Astra. It is known that the power range will be from 95 to 200 hp. with.

Basicdieselwill become a 95-strong 1.6 CDTI. The petrol engine lineup kicks off with a turbocharged 105 hp EcoTec liter. with. .

.Zestin the range - brand new 1. 4 EcoTec with a capacity of 145 liters. with.

The new Opel Astra is officially presented

The new Opel Astra is officially presented

The new generation Opel Astra debuts the IntelliLux LED lighting system, which is - its unique offer in the segment.

Each headlight is a matrix of eight LED segments that react to traffic conditions according to the data received from the front camera of the Opel Eye. Opel talked in detail about the lighting system on the new Astra before the car's premiere.

A new generation of the IntelliLink multimedia complex, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, will debut in the Opel Astra. The car will also receive an Opel OnStar assistant with a Wi-Fi hotspot to which up to seven mobile devices can connect.

A set of progressive assistants will be available for the Astra, such as tracking systems for road markings and road signs, collision warnings, cruise control with a speed limiter, a rear-view camera with automatic activation when reversing, a monitoring system .

.deadzones within a radius of three meters behind and on the sides of the vehicle.

The new Opel Astra is officially presented

The world premiere of the new generation Opel Astra will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2021. There is no need to wait for a novelty in Russia, since General Motors has decided to withdraw Opel from our market. The lineup of Chevrolet and Cadillac will be partly presented.

The concern decided to rely on premium cars.


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