The New Generation Skoda Superb Has Received A "revolutionary Design"

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The new generation Skoda Superb has received a
  This night in Prague, the presentation of the new generation Skoda Su36erb, which is really new, took place. It is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform, which allowed playing with many parameters to make the novelty becomebest deal in class. . 

The new generation of Skoda Su47erb was presented, as promised, in Prague. The premiere was attended by about 800 guests.

The new Superb turned out to be completely different from the old one. Probably in everythingguiltythe MQB platform, which made it possible to revise both the dimensions and the line of engines and the design.

The new generation Skoda Superb has received a

Shot from the official presentation of the new Superba in Prague

The new design of the Skoda Su61erb is namedrevolutionary. . It has its origins in the VisionC concept.

The novelty received a wheelbase 80 mm longer (up to 2 841 mm) than its predecessor. The front overhang is 61 mm shorter. With special pride, the representatives of the company talked about the interior of the model, since the car is widerang outby almost 50 mm - up to 1,864 mm. The height from the seat cushion to the ceiling is 980 mm, according to this parameter, the new Superb, according to Skoda, bypasses its classmates.

Trunk volume increased by 30 liters - up to 625 liters.

During the change of generations, the model lost 75 kg

The efficiency of the new Skoda Superb has grown up to 30% depending on the chosen engine. Five petrol and three diesel engines will be available for the model. All of them are equipped with a systemstart-stopand a braking energy recovery system.

The range of turbocharged gasoline engines includes motors from 125 to 280 hp. with.

The range of diesel engines includes units with a capacity of 120 to 190 liters. with.

All presentedengines. , with the exception of the base volume of 1. 4 liters, can be aggregated with a DSG transmission with a double clutch.

It is reported that the latest generation Haldex all-wheel drive system will still be available for the Superba, it will be offered with petrol engines with a capacity of 150 and 280 hp. with. , as well as with diesel power of 150 and 190 liters. with.

LED taillights are standard on the new Skoda Su90erb

The new Superb is equipped with electronic stability control as standard, imitation of a cross-axle differential, electric parking brake.

For countries belonging to the European Union, cars will also receive an automatic braking system at low speeds, a tire pressure sensor, and seven airbags.

As optional equipment, adaptive cruise control, a tracking system for road markings and road signs, rear side airbags, a rearview camera (appeared on the model for the first time), and a monitoring system will be offeredblindzones.

The new generation Skoda Superb has received a

Optimal car behavior on the road. , according to representatives of Skoda, will provide the backmulti-linkand MacPherson strut front

Four completely new infotainment systems will be available for the Skoda Superb liftback. The top-end is the Columbus complex with a 610-watt audio system with 12 speakers, high-speed Internet access using LTE technology (for the first time for Skoda cars) and the ability to control from a tablet from the back row of seats.

The new generation Skoda Superb has received a

In the photo: the salon of the new Skoda Superb in the top-end Laurin version. amp; Klement

Sales of the new Superba in Europe will start in June, in Russia the novelty can be bought around the fall. Currently, the price of the last generation of the liftback is 1,144,000 rubles. The Superb Combi station wagon can be bought for 1,289,000 rubles.

The world premiere of the new generation Skoda Superb liftback will take place at the March Geneva Motor Show.

Rumored to be a body modelstation wagonwill be presented in September in Frankfurt .


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