The Experience Of Owning A Bmw 850I: When The "eight" Is Not A "chisel"

  This car has been the flagship of the model range and a demonstration model of the technical progress of the Bavarian company for more than 10 years. Youngtimer now tops any old-school BMW fan's dream car list. How does it feel to own a legend?  

Looking from the outside

Whenfigure eightimposingly rolled into the parking lot near the park, it seemed that even the children and dogs put aside their urgent matters and stared atsomething. . The car really makes an impression even on those people for whom cars are usually only a source of noise and exhaust gases.

And, although I imagined what I would have to face, I was still impressed, and for the first five minutes I made circles around the black coupe, savoring the details of the laconic design.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

And there is something to look at. Firstly, this is indeed a coupe - a real, two-door, without any reservations. Secondly, the designers successfully managed to disguise the true dimensions of the car. In length figure eightreaches almost 5 meters, and the hood may well serve as a parking place for smart , both along and across, but visually this is not felt.

I even put my Ford Mondeo next to it for comparison, which always seemed to me a huge barge. Indeed, the cars are almost equal in length. Or take at least unrealistically stylish headlights that do not meet modern safety standards. Once upon a time, such optics were the hallmark of expensive sports cars . In general, the entire design of the eighth series for any connoisseur of the history of automotive design evokes exclusively supercar associations.

Therefore, ignorant people often do not recognize cfigure eightBMW. And this is one of the advantages of this car. It looks like a thoroughbred exotic, such as the Lotus Es32rit, but at the same time it is much more reliable. And more practical. I expected it to be a monster sprawled on the ground, leaving behind a pile of broken spoilers after each passspeed bump.

. But no, ueightsquite civil clearance, which allowed the car to overcome even a kind of primer to proceed to the place of photography.

What's inside?

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

Barely breaking away from the contemplation of the wedge-shaped design, I open long door, while the side window is slightly lowered, and proceed to inspect the interior. It is convenient to get into the compartment - there is no feeling that you are falling on the floor. The center console deployed towards the driver is a fetish of classic BMW fans, which is elevated here to an absolute.

The salon resembles the cockpit of a combat aircraft. No touchscreens or joysticks, just buttons and switches. But everything is intuitive and works. Surprise was caused by a steering wheel with an extremely thin rim by today's standards. After the fat onesbagelswhich we used to keep in modern cars, this is an extremely unusual feeling.

But for a car of the late 80s - a common thing. The horn sound is also unusual, much higher than the thick bass you'd expect from a flagship model. With a five-meter visibilitytwo doorsno problem. The notorious lifting headlights, which in some way play the role of the front parking sensors, help out a lot. An interesting one is connected with themtrick.

: if at the sink you want to rinse them with soap, you will have to flip the switch in the cabin 5 times in a row, and then they will freeze in the open position. In all normal cases, when the engine is turned off, the optics are hidden flush with the hood.

Chairseightshave integrated seat belts and are distinguished by an extremely successful profile - you will not get tired in such, even if you decide to cross a couple of European countries without stopping. The coupe has a 2 + 2 landing formula, but, as in most cars of this class, it is recommended to carry either children, enemies, or luggage in the back. Friends, if you love them, it will still be cramped there.

We should also mention plastic. It is of high quality and soft, although outwardly its texture is strikingly different from what we are used to seeing in modern cars. Trunk inspection showed thatfigure eight- a true gran turismo. A medium-sized travel suitcase will easily fit there, while a full-size spare wheel is provided in the lower compartment.

How does it go?

The coupe is started with a simple key, which is also quite unusual for cars of this class.

The mighty old-school 300hp V12 not tainted by any turbo doping. bass majestically at low revs. It immediately comes to understanding why engines of this configuration are installed only on top models and require a considerable surcharge. Driving all 450 Nm of this monster is an incomparable pleasure. I got as much as I wanted.

And even four-stage, which is not modern by today's standardsautomatic unable to spoil the impression. In fact, the engine and gearbox are a well-coordinated team, and the shifts occur without noticeable jerks. In terms of driving performance, the Bavarian engineers, as always, were at their best. Suspension, originallysharpenedunder smooth autobahns, copes well with St. Petersburg asphalt of average quality .

Of course, there is a long way to the omnivorous Renault Logan , but the owner has to shy away from every piteightsdon't have to.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

I was impressed by the angle of rotation of the wheels - it is clearly more than you expect from an almost five-meter car, and this greatly facilitates maneuvering in the parking lot. The steering wheel pleases with feedback, and even at city speeds, you can enjoy the unwavering stability with which the car drives. With increasing speed, when aerodynamics comes to the fore,figure eightit simply sticks to the roadbed and turns into an armored train rushing down a slope, controlled only by the will of the driver. But here it is worth making a reservation: a particular instance has a suspension similar to cars from the Al78ina studio, more rigid andstable.

. The base coupe feels like a rollier car, but again by high Bavarian standards.

Choosing and buying

For Andrey, owner of 850i,figure eight- not just a four-wheeled friend, but the best means of self-expression. This particular example is already the third coupe of the eighth series BMW, passed through his hands. Firstfigure eightfor Andrey became the pearl of the lineup and the only one in Russia Al91ina B12 5.

0 cou97e, which he bought in 2021.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

The car suited everyone, but required serious enough investments to maintain it in good condition. Therefore, the car was sold to a close friend who brought the exclusive coupe to such a state that even Europeans admire, considering it one of the best copies of the Al119ina B12 on this side of the ocean. This is evidenced by several cups brought from various international competitions. Nextfigure eightfor Andrey became BMW 840Ci with V8 under the hood.

The car suited everyone, but once having tasted all the charm of owning a 12-cylinder car, it was already difficult to come to terms with less. As a result, this car also left Andrey's garage, giving way a year ago to today's heroine of our story. To say that Andrey was lucky with the purchase is to say nothing. It simply cannot be called anything other than luck, fortune or providence. Only four facts: 2 owners, mileage 120 thousand kilometers, original condition, 500 thousand rubles.

Most modern used cars in 5-6 years manage to change more owners and hit a comparable mileage, and here we are talking about a 1990 car. The price is without comment at all. A year ago, the cost of a car in a similar condition could well reach 700 thousand and more, but now, due to well-known events, at least a million. What's the catch of this dumping? The main reason: the car is not registered and drives on transit numbers. The previous owner imported it as constructor and planned to register it later, but missed my chance and decided to leave everything as it is.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

This 850i has a rather interesting fate. It was released for the Japanese market, where it is considered a special chic to own a European luxury car with a left-hand drive. There she spent almost 20 years of her life, having traveled only about 110 thousand km. The first owner bought it as a car, not just for a weekend, but for a holiday. The car was lucky with the first Russian owner.

Having fallen in love with the inimitable contours of the body, he treated the car with due respect and spent a lot of effort on bringing it into perfect condition. But after four years and 10 thousand kilometers of personal run, feelings have cooled down, andfigure eightwas put up for sale. And naturally, this fact did not pass by Andrey, who bought it last spring. The coupe has a leather interior, electrically adjustable front seats, and the driver's one - with memory for three positions, dual-zone climate control and cruise control. The rear window blind and the steering column are also electrically adjustable and the steering wheel has a memory function.

And all this is the basic equipment. Of the additional options, only a sunroof is installed in the car. On other cars, you can find a built-in telephone, parking sensors, adjustable suspension and, of course, a wide selection of leather and wood varieties. Against the background of such a rampant luxury, the presence of a airbag only for the driver is surprising. But do not forget how old the car is, besides, during the restyling, this drawback was eliminated.

The same can not be said about the control of music from the steering wheel - this option never appeared in the eighth series. The interesting one should be noted separatelychip. , inherited by a particular car due to its purpose for the Japanese market. When you turn on the reverse gear, there is a funny sound, reminiscent of the sound of a small gong.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the


Since Andrey owns the car for only a year and he got it in good condition, the 850i's repair history is still short.

The bulk of the work was carried out immediately after the purchase and in a quiet mode took about two months. The engine was in acceptable condition and required only replacement of some small things like filters, belts and tensioner pulley. About 40 thousand rubles were spent on this. A complete V12 overhaul with ring replacement would cost 2.5x the price.

Almost the entire suspension was moved, except for the shock absorbers and springs. Replaced levers, stabilizers, silent blocks and other consumables. It cost about 60 thousand rubles. Now the car is equipped with Bilstein struts and Eibach springs, a gift from the previous owner - a similar kit was installed on cars from the Al147ina studio. The price of the new set today is about 50 thousand rubles.

Thanks to these detailsfigure eightbehaves more collected on the road, as we have already mentioned above. How about a smooth ride? It all depends on the wheels. Now the coupe runs on the base 16-inch wheels for this model - the so-called eighth style. As a result, we have a very good balance between handling and ride.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

We spent the longest time with the electrician - some burnt out bulbs needed to be replaced.

Along the way, Andrey decided to upgrade the music, replacing the Bavaria head unit with a more advanced and, most importantly, extremely rare version from Becker. One of the main features of the new head unit is the presence of built-in navigation . Let me remind you that the car was produced in 1990! Unfortunately, the navigation option is not available in Russia. In Europe, it is enough to install the antenna, insert the CD and follow the simple prompts that appear on the display of the radio. The work with the electrician cost Andrey about 30 thousand rubles.

Lucky there were no problems with the proverbial lifting headlights. The price of a new part is 30 thousand rubles, and the search for disassembly can be pretty delayed - this is an expected rare spare part. The braking system of the car did not require any expenses. The disks remained with Andrey from the previous oneeightsand the pads he received in the load along with the new machine. The box and the rest of the technical part have not yet required any intervention.

The body of the car that had never seen winter was in perfect condition and in addition sported a completely updated color a couple of years ago. Andrey is extremely grateful to the previous owner for these pleasant bonuses.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

As you can see, if you operate a car every day in the warm season and do not be modest in handling the gas pedal, the service price can reach up to 100 thousand per season for the replacement of consumables. But this is the maximum. In general, in comparison with their modern onessisters.

.figure eight- a fairly reliable and easy-to-use car. The only problem can be finding the necessary spare parts. Some parts are extremely few in disassembly, and the delivery system from BMW itself has an extremely illogical scheme: parts disappear and then reappear in catalogs.

Improvements and plans

By and large, Andrey is satisfied with the current state of the car, but some improvements are still planned.

The biggest work to be done is the cabin. Native skin looks somewhat tired and needs updating. If you decide on a complete alteration of the salon, then it will cost no less than 100 thousand rubles. But Andrey likes it when his cars are as close to stock as possible, and therefore the matter will most likely be limited to restoration. On the technical side, there are no plans.

Now the car is equipped with an MK-Motors188ort engine compartment strut, inherited from the Japanese owner, and the Sebring exhaust, installed by the first Russian owner. In terms of appearance, Andrey wants to install a front lip from the Al194ina studio (1100 euros) and buy 18-inch wheels for urban use, leaving the basic kit for long-distance voyages.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

Daily Operation

Since last springfigure eightcovered only 1,500 km. Gasoline can be used 92nd, but Andrey prefers to pour 95th. In urban mode, the consumption can reach up to 20 liters, on the highway it is 9-12 liters, in the combined cycle the figure ranges from 15-16 liters.

Andrey did the annual maintenance two times. Each replacement of oils and filters cost 15 thousand rubles. Andrey prefers to fill in the original oil used at the factory - Cas204ol 10W-60. Andrei is not worried about driving in transit numbers. You still can't get a comprehensive insurance cover for such an old car in our country, but there are no problems with fines.

The attention of the police does not bother Andrey very much, usually everything ends with a heart-to-heart conversation. However, he plans to register his 850i. For their previous oneseightsAndrei regularly paid the state tax of about 50 thousand rubles. Like all previous ones, this car will be used by the owner exclusively for long-distance trips, rare promenades on weekends and trips to club events and gatherings.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

Model history

The car began to be developed in the mid-80s.

Designer Klaus Kapitza created a bright and memorable image, on the one hand, not at all reminiscent of any other BMW of those years, and on the other hand, referring to the design of the legendary M1. The premiere display of the future competitor to the Mercedes SL and SEC-class , as well as the Porsche 928, was held at the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show. ..Eightbecame the second post-war German car equipped with a 12-cylinder engine.

The first, two years earlier, was the BMW 750i in the back of the E32, which shared a number of technical solutions with the newcomer. Were ateightsand their ownchipssuch as rear wheel steering and adaptive suspension. The car was distinguished by excellent aerodynamics, rich equipment and an excellent balance of handling and smoothness. The release of the coupe began in the same 1989, but only 67 cars were produced, of which 66 were disassembled or died a heroic death during crash tests. The only copy of this model year lives in England at the local official dealer of the brand.

The full production of E31 began in 1990. The basic version was the 850i with a four-speedautomaticequipped with a five-liter V12 of the M70 series, which produced 300 hp. with. Such machines were produced 16 402 pieces, which is more than half of the total circulation of alleights. .

Two years later, the model, renamed 850Ci, underwent minor restyling, affecting only minor technical issues and interior design. Since 1994, the coupe was equipped with a new V12 with a volume of 5.4 liters and a capacity of 326 liters. with. Such cars were already with a five-speedautomatic.

. Despite major changes, the model index has not changed. So 850Ci is one in two persons.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

To lower the base price, and at the same time improve the handling and weight distribution, suffered from the heavy V12 , in 1993, a modification of the 840Ci with a four-liter V8 came out. Two years later, it was replaced by a 4.

4 liter engine. Both engines produced the same power output of 286 hp. with. and equippedmechanicssix steps or five-speedautomatic. .

The concern had plans to release a three-liter version of the BMW 830Cifigure eightwith a capacity of 218 liters. with. , but this version did not go into production. In 1992, the forced modification 850CSi debuted, equipped with a modified M70 engine. This engine developed a power of 380 hp.

with. and is still the only production V12 to be developed by the wizards of BMW Motorsport. In 1996, the last coupe of 1,510 850CSi left the assembly line. Fans were waiting for a full-fledged M8, rightly believing thatfigure eightlike no other, worthy of transformation into a full-fledged supercar. But dreams were not destined to come true.

The project to create a six-liter 550-strong monster wasfrozenand for many years was shrouded in secrets, speculation and rumors. Only a few years ago, the Bavarians showed the world the only prototype of their unborn masterpiece.

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the

Versions from the Alpina studio helped to brighten up the disappointment. The Buchloe company only worked on the 12-cylindereights. , but offered two options at once.

The Alpina B12 5.0 coupe engine developed 350 hp. with. There were 97 such coupes produced. For comparison:sevensin the back of the E32 with such a motor, they produced almost 3 times more.

An even rarer option is the Alpina B12 5.7 coupe. Sucheightswhich already had 416 liters under the hood. with. , released only 57 pieces.

In Russia eightshave always been exotic, and now even more so. According to rough estimates of the E31 club members, there are about 400 registered cars in our country, of which about 150 are on the move, and only a third of them are in perfect condition. Most eightslives in Moscow, St. Petersburg ranks second. In St.

Petersburg, where Andrey lives, there are only 10 compartments on the move, of which only half are in perfect condition. A total of 30,603 vehicles of all modifications were made. A model equal in price, image and level of technological advancement has no longer existed among traditional gasoline-powered BMWs. The recently released i8 is still a car of a fundamentally different ideology.

Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 4 780 * 1 855 * 1 340
Curb weight, kg 1 790
Ground clearance, mm 140
Trunk volume, l 320
Fuel tank volume, l 90
Engine Gasoline 5.

0 L 300 HP s

Transmission automatic
Drive rear
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s. 7.4
Maximum speed, km / h 250
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 15

The experience of owning a BMW 850i: when the


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