Test Drive The New Chery Tiggo 5: And Happiness Was So Possible ...

  The previous model of the Tiggo crossover from Chery wore the FL index (Face78ft, facelift) and, by and large, was almostseamlessa copy of the second generation Toyota RAV4. But there was one more thing that manifested itself in everyone who ever typed the name of a car on a computer ... The letters FL in the Russian keyboard layout give a frightening oneHELL.

. And this combination of letters, like nothing else, characterized the very essence of the Chinese crossover.

Tiggo FL did not drive, did not turn, did not slow down, the interior creaked on every bump ...

Yes, in recent months a good CVT has appeared on it, but the rest of the design, which is already a long time ago - has long been outdated, it did not save. And the Chinese understand this very well. So the new T21, also known as the Tiggo 5 in the world, is entering the market for a reason, but with underlined ambitions to win a new audience. Here's what I'll tell you:

The Tiggo 5 is a decent car. Moreover, in some ways it is able to compete with the Rena77t Duster itself! We managed to understand and realize this during the presentation of the new product in the Urals.

So, what do we have? The design was developed by Europeans, who allegedly used to work in Ford and Porsche. You cannot call it a masterpiece in any way. The car turned out to be massive, pot-bellied, as iftwo-story. . But progress in comparison with previous crafts is obvious, so we will not gloat here.

The exterior does not cause rejection, which is already good. Previously, this was not said about Chery.

The dimensions of the Tiggo 5 have grown in all three dimensions compared to the Tiggo FL (4,506 x 1,841 x 1,740 mm versus 4,390 x 1,765 x 1,705 mm), the wheelbase is now 100 mm larger (2 610 mm). Clearance - 163 mm at full load, 190 mm at minimum. That is, the subject is really made on a new platform.

Halillujah! And you want to repeat this exclamation over and over again, you just have to try the Tiggo 5 chassis in action.

Test drive the new Chery Tiggo 5: and happiness was so possible ...

But for now we have to test the interior ...

It seems to be copied from Ford Focus, only here is a trainee , who was holding a carbon copy and outlining the contours, clearly pretends to be deducted. Interior plastic with a claim to a soft look, but before the test, the organizers for some reason rubbed it with a cheap gloss, which did not paint the already modest interior.

In the center - the multimedia system display. The interface is quite usable, flash drives and smartphones of all systems are easily connected, work almost without interruptions. But there is no navigation yet.

They promise to deliver it soon. So what remains is to listen to the news radio, and to avoid nervous breakdowns, it is better not to play the music: the sound coming out of the speakers is terrible.

The ergonomics of Toggo 5 are exemplary. Against the background of othersChinese. .

For a person accustomed to modern cars, it will seem nothing more than normal. So, this is the first car from the PRC, in which a tall person feels in his place. The seat was clearly designed with an eye on the German counterparts: the upholstery is rigid, the profile is straight.

But the side bolsters are very wide apart, so slender drivers will have to grip the steering wheel tighter. What should passengers do? Grab onto whatever comes across.

There is plenty of space in the back, but the leather upholstery of the sofa is slippery, there is no profile at all, the sofa is flat, like a bench.

In general, everything is acceptable inside. True, in the sun the plastic still begins to smell of phenol, but as soon as the air conditioner starts to blow to the fullest, the smell disappears.

The engine for the Tiggo 5 is still provided with one - two-liter gasoline. 136 l.

with. and 182 Nm. The peak torque falls on 4,300 - 4,500 rpm. That is, in order to drive this car dynamically, the engine must be turnedinto the ringing. .

Cmechanicsit's easy - shifting clarity is on par here, gripenoughadequately. If you keep the tachometer needle closer to the vertical position, then you can keep up with the flow.

It's harder on the variator. In normal mode, the driver does not feel anything except the howling of the engine during acceleration. The inclusion of the sports mode slightly corrects the situation, but the howl becomes even more intrusive, and there is still no nimble acceleration .

.. Fixed gears are saved - they can be switched by swinging the lever back and forth. But still, if you want to achieve at least some dynamics from the Tiggo 5, it is better to choose a manual transmission.

However, the main dish of the new crossover is the suspension.

MacPherson front andmulti-linkbehind. At low speeds, it may seem harsh, but this is a reasonable price to pay for the truly phenomenal energy intensity that the car demonstrates at speeds of 100-160 km / h.

On the track, you don't have to touch the steering wheel at all and go wherever you look: there are no holes for the Tiggo 5. It seems that it will bang right now, now it will strike - but no, the car flies on and does not notice anything. Track,speed bumpspotholes of any depth - all thisChinesedo not care.

For 600 km of run in the Urals at speeds close to supersonic, the suspension never broke down. Never. Any other crossover after this route would go straight to the service, but not the fact that on its own, and not on a tow truck. The Tiggo 5 never squeaked or snapped.

What is the result?

The car surprised us, you will not say anything.

Yes, so far the drive can only be front-wheel drive, and many options, such as a sunroof or side airbags, are not even included in the most expensive configuration. Yes, he has a pedigree -not a fountain. . And the average customer is unlikely to ever feel what a car is capable of, if he simply drives a circle around the salon in a greenhouse.

But there is a much more serious problem: Tiggo 5 could adequately compete not only with Lifan x60 and othersChinesebut also with Renault Duster / Nissan Terrano.

But, alas, Chery no longer has a strong argument in the form of an attractive price.

Prices for Tiggo 5 in Russia - from 650,000 rubles. This is how much the limited edition will costemptymachines released to attract attention. But the basic version with a CVT costs from 769 thousand, and an equipped car with a CVT, ABS, sunroof and other "joys" already costs 819 thousand rubles! It is very expensive. It is the price that will prevent the model from becoming popular.

After all, the most expensive Duster with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission is cheaper by 14,000. And this Duster, whatever one may say, is the standard in its segment. It's even a shame: here he is, worthyChinese. ! But a good thing a priori cannot be cheap. So it is here: even in Chery they could not create a miracle.

It's a pity ...

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Handling
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Price

We like

Unbreakable and impenetrable suspension, excellent (by Chinese standards) exterior.

We don't like

Smelly plastic in the cabin, weak engine, vocal variator, price.


If the price were 80-100 thousand less, the Tiggo 5 would have a chance ...

Dimensions (L x W x H) 4 506 * 1 841 * 1 740
Curb weight, kg 1 495
Ground clearance, mm 163
Trunk volume, l 370/972
Fuel tank capacity l 55
Engine petrol 2.0 l, 139 l.


Transmission mechanical, 5-speed
Drive front
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 12.8
Maximum speed, km / h 175
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 8.2

Test drive the new Chery Tiggo 5: and happiness was so possible ...</p><p>


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