Test Drive Renault Sandero With Automatic Transmission: My First Automatic

  Renault has made a car designed for those who are just starting their automotive biography. However, in the opinionWheels. , the appearance of the automatic transmission did not help the inexpensive compact Sandero hatchback to cope with the task. Instead of a specific target group… everyone liked the car. 

Renault set Sandero with the task of "rejuvenating" its client.

Not to say that the soplatform Renault Logan is a car for retirees, but the French have a desire to attract younger customers. This is understandable: the main audience of the first bestseller "Avtoframos" is the former owners of, to put it mildly, "not new" (morally and technically) domestic cars. But Renault is also interested in young active clients, gaining their loyalty means both political and commercial success.

Sandero, according to the plan of Renault marketers, had to offer novice drivers what Logan could not give - a "youth" body, a hatchback, because a large trunk is not exactly what young buyers look at first of all. Although the unfolded rear seat will be able to provide much more useful volume than the sedan - 1,200 liters! So there will be no problems with transporting your snowboard.

And also a car for young people (if we are not talking about the "golden" part of it) should be inexpensive. Sandero meets this criterion with an initial price of 329,000 rubles, which is asked for a 1.4-liter car with minimum basic equipment. But even in the most equipped version with 1.6 and "automatic" the car will not cost more than 473,000 rubles.

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

In addition, for the conventional audience "under 30", the way the car looks is also important. Renault designers went a little further; they were faced with the task of making a unisex car, driving which - unlike the compatriot Peugeot 206 - both men and women will feel comfortable. Happened. But you still can't call it stylish and modern, something is still embarrassing. Even with the optional silver-plated plastic inserts in the front and rear bumpers.

Young people, although they are not always practical and reasonable, will certainly notice how spectacular pads scratch against the curb when parking.

The top-end version of Sandero - Prestige with a 1.6-liter 102-horsepower engine and an automatic machine, which has been available for order in Russia since the beginning of autumn 2021, has come to our test.

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

According to the sales manager of the official Renault dealer who issued the car, while interest in automatic transmission small, the majority of buyers are quite conservative; having handed over their cars under the scrappage program (there are almost half of them), for the first time they switched from the domestic car industry to a new foreign car, and for the first time discovered this type of gearbox for themselves.

Those who have driven a different brand of car will have to get used to the Renault cabin.

In particular, to the fact that the front windows are located on the center console, and the rear ones - it is good, of course, that they are, but still - on the back of the central tunnel. Moreover, it is inconvenient for either the driver or rear passengers to reach for them. And the crown of the uniqueness of the Sandero's cabin layout is the sound signal. Naturally, there is no button on the steering wheel, otherwise there would be no surprise. And there is it on the end of the steering column turn signal switch! Beginners should be warned about this right away: you never know what .


Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

In cool St. Petersburg weather, the "stove" of Sandero will be just right: the interior warmed up quickly and efficiently, however, starting from the third mode of blowing intensity, the noise "shouted" over the hum of studded tires ..


Seats for the driver a lot, although taller drivers may lack steering depth adjustment. The seat lacks tangible lateral support, which has almost no impact on the comfort of the seat.

In the back seat, the taller than average driver settled down rather comfortably "by himself"; there was not much space to the front seat, but there was a reserve in the knees, and there was plenty of free space above the head. The only drawback in essence is the location of the rear power windows: the buttons are located at the end of the central tunnel, at such a distance from the passengers that - I repeat - you have to pretty much reach for them.

If only the driver does not suddenly brake ...

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

Sound insulation the salon could be better. However, the machine allows you to keep in check the most serious irritant - the noise of the engine.

When driving at a leisurely pace, when the operating speed does not rise above 3,200 rpm, the sound from under the hood does not bother much.

How does the Sandero drive?

The biggest plus is the smooth running and comfort when handling "asphalt imperfections". That is, Renault Sandero at least slightly, but changes the view on the "second Russian problem" in the direction of optimism. Typically, the price to pay for a smooth ride is handling, but - surprise - this is not about Renault. Yes, the steering lacks sharpness and information content.

Yes, the skid occurs a little earlier than you expect (but there is fault and studded wheels that slide "well" on the asphalt). But Sandero is a very clear, easy and intuitive car to drive.

No problem with deceleration: the brakes can handle the workloads just fine. But with parking lots ..

. And there will be no problems with them, if you do not install the plastic covers on the bumpers.

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

"Automaton" in the Sandero trainee. That is, by the pace at which you drive in the first (conditional) half hour, the electronics will determine how you will continue to drive, how often you need to switch the speed and to what point you need to spin the motor. It will be convenient for those whose driving style does not change during the day .

.. However, even those tuned in to a measured mood - this is how we got the car - understands at a glance that the pedal pressed to the floor means "go fast". Relatively fast. And if you demanded increased dynamics, the automatic transmission will always seem to be in "sport mode".

When driving quietly, upshifts are smooth and imperceptible, but downshifts are often accompanied by a slight jolt.

An unconditional plus of the automatic transmission is the high selector knob, which is literally at hand by the driver.

It was too early to judge the fuel consumption: as representatives of the car dealership told us, in the run-in mode (the car had driven less than 500 km by the time of the test), the engine is characterized by increased "gluttony". You can believe: the on-board computer showed an average consumption of 18 liters per hundred!

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

Test drive Renault Sandero with automatic transmission: my first automatic

… The queues for Renault Sandero stretched out until the second quarter of next year. True, some expecting ones are happy to change "Sandero - in the summer" to "Logan - now".

"Yes, everyone buys it, not only young people ..." - summed up to us at the dealership, summing up the intermediate result of Renault's marketing policy in relation to Sandero and reducing the average age of its audience. Popularity is very difficult to evoke within the narrow framework of the target group.

But is it just popularity is not enough ?! >


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