Test Drive Mitsubishi Asx: Outlander For Beginners

  Kolesa. Ru tested the new Mitsubishi crossover in the city and beyond, were pleasantly surprised by the incomplete drive and wondered if the Japanese formed the configuration correctly ... 

Mitsubishi ASX crossover - a little belated answer "three diamonds "on the supersonic growth in demand for compact all-wheel drive station wagons with" off-road looks.

" The main features of cars of this class are the price of the top-end configuration, equal to the base price for "conventional crossovers"; the presence of front-wheel drive versions, as well as compact dimensions. The ASX has all this in abundance.

Prices for the most compact Mitsubishi crossover start at 729,000 rubles for a front-wheel drive car with a 1.6-liter engine and "mechanics" (no other transmissions and drive systems are provided with such a motor). The standard equipment has a minimum set of benefits: front airbags for the driver and passenger, ABS with EBD, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, heated seats, CD-radio with MP3, adjustable steering column (in height and reach), 16-inch steel wheels with full-size spare tire.

For a compact car, the equipment is not bad, but for a crossover for 700+ thousand this will not be enough.

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

The price of Mitsubishi ASX in a test configuration, generously enriched with basic options, is close to the base price of crossovers - 929,000 rubles.

The automatic transmission (variator) is available with 1.8 and 2.0 liter engines, with no alternative.

Moreover, with a top engine, only four-wheel drive is offered at a minimum price of 1,039,000 rubles. Most likely, customers will be most interested in more affordable front-wheel drive cars with "mechanics" and "automatic" thanks to more balanced versions in terms of price and content. That is why we chose for the test 1.8-liter mono-drive crossover with a variator in the Intense S10 version (for 929,000 rubles). This version differs from the cheaper ones by systems of directional stability and assistance when starting off, side airbags and curtains, as well as a knee airbag for the driver, R16 alloy wheels, an info display, a leather steering wheel and an automatic transmission selector knob.

The wheelbase of the ASX is the same as the platform donor Outlander - 2,670 mm.

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

The ASX's salon is unpretentious, practically one in-one copying Outlander, on the basis of which it is made. The same steering wheel, the on-board computer screen between the speedometer and tachometer, the center console with a radio tape recorder and air conditioning "circles", the seats ...

But the steering column is now adjustable not only in tilt angle, but also in departure - it is much easier to sit comfortably. (True, I would like to see more flight - two centimeters). Rear passengers are given ample knee and foot space, and only taller rear passengers will find the roof too close. ..

In motion, the Mitsubishi crossover is a rather controversial nature: it did not really inspire on the asphalt, but it fully opened up where the even surface ended. First, even off-road, the ASX remained pleasant in terms of comfort. The suspension here is the same as on the Outlander, but the AESX is not as rigid as its older sibling, and due to the lower mass it seems that the energy intensity of the shock absorbers has become higher.

Mitsubishi ASX ground clearance - to the envy of real SUVs: 215 mm!

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

The crossover's ground clearance is truly off-road. With such characteristics, even in a front-wheel drive car, it is not scary to travel to the ground dug, as if by shelling.

But to my surprise, even the mono-drive ASX managed to hang one drive wheel uphill. We deliberately tried to overcome a large hole, passing which with the rear wheels, the front right one simply had to get off the ground. But thanks to the stability control system, which redistributed the moment to the wheel with better grip, the ASX slowly and sadly, but overcame the obstacle!

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

And on the highway 1. An 8-liter engine and a CVT are not ideal tandem. Fast driving and dynamic acceleration require the selection of increased revs, respectively - the maximum sound pressure for the driver and passengers.

And if the vibration isolation of the cabin is at a height, then excess noise gets inside in excess. If the smoothness of the car is a positive quality, then the sluggish and unhurried acceleration makes you look at other options for the engine and gearbox. ASX with 1.8 engine and CVT accelerates to 100 km / h in 13.1 seconds.

A car with a two-liter engine and a CVT costs 11.9, and a minimum volume of 1. 6 with "mechanics" does it in just 11.7 seconds.

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

Test drive Mitsubishi ASX: Outlander for beginners

This car cannot but interest that category people who are attracted by crossovers not so much with all-wheel drive, but with their size and appearance.

As we found out, the ASX, even with two drive wheels, behaves well where asphalt is not provided. In addition, it has a spacious interior, and the trunk volume is 415 liters with the rear seats raised, expanding which, you can safely solve dacha and cargo problems ... fast ASX - 1.

6 on "mechanics" - is offered only in simple trim levels, of which the most saturated one does not have climate and cruise control, exchange rate stability system and assistance when starting off on the rise, as well as some other useful options. As for the rest, in our opinion, it is option 1. 6 Intense for 779,000 rubles is most suitable for all fans of a little "drive".

The car is provided by Avtomir, an official Mitsubishi dealer

We like

Ground clearance and off-road stabilization system operation; energy consumption and suspension travel

We don't like

Dynamics of a 1.8-liter car with a variator, complete set of versions supplied in the Russian Federation


I would like more dynamics and variability.



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