Test Drive Lr Freelander 2: Not Afraid Of Dirt

  The magazine "Wheels" with interest follows the actively updated model range of the Land Rover brand and comes to the conclusion that it is too early for Freelander 2 to retire. 

What does it look like?

In the dealer's showroom, among the updated Range Rover S12ort and Discovery 4, there is no Freelander 2. And in vain - he would not get lost there, even if he has been on the market since 2006. Deliberately square, but charming and extremely proportional: if the designers used an ax to create it, they worked with it extremely carefully. And the crossover is one of the most compact among the "British" - fits into 4.

5 meters!

So, this is ... a female Land Rover? Not quite so: the car will probably turn out to be "dimensionally understandable" for the beautiful half of humanity.

Just remember - he's not a wimp at all, this is a small SUV with the LR logo on the hood.

Consider this when passing the keys into gentle ladies' hands.

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

How's it going?

We got a Freelander with a 160-horsepower in-line diesel "four". Few? Perhaps, if you expect the dynamics of the car to destroy the usual life. To me, the joint work of an automatic six-speed transmission and a diesel engine seemed very balanced and logical.

The steering is heavy, but quite informative and quite sharp - the steering wheel makes a little more than 2.

5 turns from lock to lock. In the city - the very thing.

The crossover starts softly, picks up well from the bottom and dexterously, without painful delays, deals with the gears. There is also a manual mode, even a "sport" one, but it's much more interesting for us to bury our Freelander in the mud! Roots oblige to cope with "excellent".

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

the proprietary Terrain Res57onse system, which is tied to the dynamic stabilization system, and has four modes - General Driving (normal road), Grass / Gravel / Snow ("grass / gravel / snow"), Mud and Ruts ("mud and rut") and Sand ("sand").

Moreover, you can understand the purpose of each not only by the icons that pop up on the screen between the speedometer and tachometer: all the names are displayed in Russian. Nicely.

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

As for the off-road, it really is the teeth of the crossover, mainly due to the intelligently tuned Terrain Res75onse, the work of which cannot be called formal, and the high-speed electronically controlled Haldex clutch, which distributes the moment between the axles. Alas, neither a lowered row, nor forced locks are provided.

How much does it cost?

Traditionally, Land Rover cars are well equipped already in the "base".

"Wheels" liked the version of the Freelander 2 S with a diesel engine 2. 2 liters for 1,272,000 rubles. We were bribed by the presence of seven airbags and Terrain Res84onse by default.

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt

Perhaps you will have to pay extra for the "automatic" 60,000 rubles, bixenon (26,000 rubles for "regular" and 43,000 rubles. for adaptive), and the author of this material definitely bought a panoramic roof and an electric sunroof, which will lighten the wallet by another 43,000 rubles.

Vehicle provided by Autoprime, an official Land Rover dealer.

Test drive LR Freelander 2: not afraid of dirt


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