Test Drive Fiat 500: What Is Our Life? ..

  A sea of ​​positive emotions and quite a bit of history - Fiat 500 on the shelf in the nursery and on the city asphalt. 

Eh, why does childhood go away forever ?! About 15 years ago, I could not think of any other birthday present than a new "five hundred". And even if it were a 1:24 copy, it would certainly stand on the shelf among other models. Or real - it also fits on the shelf ..

. almost! Would become an adornment of the collection: who else from the contemporaries professes as passionately the alluring style of the 60s? which is not surprising: engineer Dante Giacosa saw in the "five hundredth" a cheap car for the city, and this is exactly what a worker of the Land of Soviets needed. ZAZ, of course, turned out to be not so elegant, but they fulfilled the dream of many Soviet citizens.

There are no more charming retro models than the current Fiat 500 to date. Chrysler PT Cruiser frightens with its rough appearance, Dodge Challenger - with the price, and Fiat right now take it and roll it on the floor in the living room, it is so toy!

Test drive Fiat 500: what is our life? .</p><p>.

But it was not created for parquet: under the narrow 16-inch wheels - real asphalt! Small, seemingly, doors actually hide a decent opening, the front seats support the sides in an adult way.

The plastic overlay along the width of the front panel is a successful parody of the entire metal console of the 1957 Fiat 500.

In fact, the metal turned out to be thick plastic, but under the white varnish (there are still many color options), the desired visual effect is achieved quite quickly: how it looks like that car from the 60s!

In the first minutes, the interior of the "five hundredth" fascinates and inspires respect - everything is so grown-up. Here is a comfortable, arm-in-arm, gear lever; and interesting-looking devices; and two-in-one designs; and stylish door handles ...

Test drive Fiat 500: what is our life? .</p><p>.

Only now, sitting in the Mini Coo38er, you feel the spirit of timeless classics literally with every nerve ending in the fingers, and in the Fiat 500 it starts and ends with a "metal" lining. Design, aesthetics, convenience - the retro kid is not offended by anything, but most of the decisions a mile away blows a "remake".

The sophisticated-looking back seat was actually terribly cramped. The trunk is tiny. The back shelf is palm-wide: even ridiculous. But this is not visible from the outside, so you can collect the smiles of upstream neighbors in bulk while driving a Fiat 500 without straining. It looks like a car that has been lacking on city streets for so long: cute, positive .

.. Originally from the days when girls wore high-waisted skirts and guys wore gray double-breasted jackets. It's so much fun to play history! And watching others play is even more fun.

The game is more serious - going to the streets.

Hey, who's new? Drivers do not stand at the side of the road and stare at my white "kolobok". Yes, only the "session" of viewing is small: the Fiat 500 cheerfully pranks from traffic light to traffic light, allowing ... no, not to maneuver, but to rearrange itself in the stream, like a chess piece.

Nice catch after three thousand - and solid deadlift up to five. He's not that toy! But only with the "s53ort" mode enabled. It remained a mystery to me why it was necessary to put the "sharp accelerator" mode on a separate key at all. Without it, it seems that half of the "herd" under the hood of the Fiat simply fell asleep. If you go alone, nothing else, but with two passengers on board - darkness.

Creeps, puffs "five hundred", but is in no hurry to work off the claimed 100 liters. with.

Test drive Fiat 500: what is our life? ..

The speed bump is where the games end. We've got three on board! What does it mean? "Sh-sh-sh", - the front wheel answers, rubbing the locker of the front arch when dismounting from an artificial unevenness. No, if the winter wheels are not higher than the "fourteenth" diameter. Or always drive alone, otherwise the plastic protection of the front arches will fall off in a couple of months.

But from the outside it is not visible: the "baby" looks excellent under any load ...

On the straight line and in the corners, where the workers in the spring managed to patch up holes and potholes that are destructive for the rigid and short-travel Fiat suspension, a retro component the car evaporates altogether. A good, predictable little car!

At speed, the steering wheel is filled with a pleasant effort, and directional stability is not at all "childish".

The brakes are also excellent, tenacious; even under load, the car stops very confidently. And that's a good thing: it's better to play the Fiat 500 in safety.

When our columnist Roma Zubko was going to Italy a year ago, his colleague Inna gave him an order: "Take pictures" for me there "five hundredths!" Of course, the girl's heart was touched by the big-eyed headlights and the hunchbacked "back of the head" of the Fiat, for this, after all, the car was created! Would she have moved to a Fiat 500? Not in life! She is much nicer to another Italy - fast and "hot": until recently she drove an Alfa Romeo 147.

Test drive Fiat 500: what is our life? ..</p><p>

And the place of the "five hundredth" is in the corner of the heart and in the frame for photographs. It is better to dream about it and admire it from afar, because in fact there was not so much coveted "spirit of the sixties" in the car.

For the role of an expensive "model" (if there is a need for one) that has migrated from a dusty shelf to a garage, the Fiat 500 is almost perfect.

Another young lady will ride it on the weekends to shop, park on the heel without any problems and twist the heads of passers-by. And play, play ...

So I couldn't get into the spirit of the revived cult behind the wheel of the Fiat 500.

But I played enough for six months in advance.

Vehicle provided for testing by Sollers, an official Fiat dealer.

Test drive Fiat 500: what is our life? ..


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