Test Drive Citroen C4 Lounge: Capable Small

  In the summer of 2021, sales of the Ci82oen C4 sedan began, coming off the assembly line of the Kaluga plant. They have not yet filled the streets. It was planned to sell 30,000 cars a year, but in eight months of 2021 less than six thousand people became owners. The result is almost the same as that of Renault Fluence, and even better than the old players of the segment - Lancer and Elan88a, but far from the original goal. Apparently, buyers of French roots are afraid.

Or are there other reasons?

The test drive that took place on the roads of the Astrakhan Territory is intended to prove that a sedan can not only be fearlessly immersed in the harsh conditions of the Russian hinterland, but also obtained when this is a pleasure. Moreover, a good part of the route ran along dirt roads, exactly like those along which potential buyers make their way to the dacha.

You can move slowly through traffic jams in almost any car. But to rush on the broken asphalt, then, without reducing the speed, go off onto a country road - not every passenger car is suitable for this. The PR service of Ci94oen knows very well that the model has such advantages, and every time it emphasizes that it is the first one that was tuned with close attention to the operating conditions in our country.

To do this, it took 4 million test kilometers to go.

We believe. Even far from the ears of the guys from Ci100oen, the journalists of our group noted that, despite the high-speed hooliganism on the dirt road, the suspension does not break through, there is a sense of the inherent resource. Thanks to the deserted southern steppes of our Motherland for the sensationsalmost like a rally stage. .

The Ci106oen has proven to be one of the few passenger cars that can stand out in such a situation. Of course, no owner in a sober mind would dare to mock his car like that, but our proven abilities guarantee that if the road to your site cannot be called a car road or the asphalt has suddenly been removed in the city and well hatches stick out from it, then your heart will be calm for the safety cars. All irregularities will be worked out, and a ground clearance of 176 mm and rather high bumpers will not allow contact with the ground.

4.6 meters of body length provide plenty of space for four passengers.

An equally tall passenger is placed behind a tall driver. But some finicky drivers may complain about the landing. Those who prefer the lowest possible stance with outstretched legs will want to lock the steering column even lower and closer to themselves and will have to get out of the position with a more vertical setting of the back. The adherents of the European school of ergonomics will find fault with the fact that its tilt is regulated by a lever. It also seemed to me that the back had collapsed in the lower back, although after a couple of hours of driving, I did not notice any pain or fatigue.

Besides the desire to remind about the car once again, there was also a formal reason for a test drive - the just announced special series O32timum and Lounge. Their essence is that the buyer gets a rather impressive list of equipment for a small surcharge to the basic configuration. For example, the O37timum costs only ten thousand more than the Tendance, but has LED running lights and taillights, dual-zone climate control, parking sensors, USB and other decorations. The climate system is also notable for the fact that it has as many as three automatic modes. The Lounge version for 46,000 rubles surcharge to Exclusive will delight the owner with keyless access, 17-inch alloy wheels, a combined interior and bi-xenon headlights.

The only pity is that no money can be made so that the trunk is opened with a button from the outside, and not just from the remote control or from the passenger compartment. It seems that the unassuming main target audience, that is, the Chinese, did not need it.

Much credit for the positive impression of the gamefeel like a rally driverbelongs to a 150-horsepower turbo engine. Only this most powerful version was brought for our test drive. This did not allow me to compile a complete picture, but if I were the organizers I would have done so too -aspiratedwould be more boring.

Moreover, we can assume that the version withmechanicswould be nothing else, according to the passport, it accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds. And here is the initial oneautomaticversion with naturally aspirated 1.6 l 120 hp engine with. I would hardly have pleased both when accelerating from a standstill (up to 100 km / h in 12.

8 seconds), and when overtaking on the highway. It will do as a first car, but those who have something to compare with may be disappointed. About an overpayment of 80 thousand rubles for a 150-horsepower turbo engine and a proven 6-speed Japaneseautomatic I would not regret Aisin at all, because with them the level of drive is radically different! By the way, this amount also includes the stabilization system and alloy wheels with a diameter of 16 inches. This engine and gearbox is a perfect match! As planned to accelerate, and went. Overtaking on the track with a torque of 240 Nm, already available from 1,400 rpm, is easy, safe, and gear changes are as if on a brain impulse.

Of course, after 130 km / h the acceleration is already moderate, but before this milestone there is no lack of traction.

Test drive Citroen C4 Lounge: capable small

On the test, I got the maximum configuration with 17-inch disks. Perhaps because of this, I liked driving on smooth asphalt more, even at 150 km / h the car remained obedient, but when there were areas with pushed or broken asphalt, it was more comfortable to slow down at least to 110. The fact is that the blows come straight to the steering wheel, forcing you to adjust the trajectory. But here it is worth making a reservation: few competitors have such a margin of safety.

There are always enough brakes, however, the pedal may seem too light to some.

What is the result?

Take or not take? If you like it, take it! It is the factor of external attractiveness, according to the results of studies of the Russian office of Citroen, that is the main one when buying a C4 sedan. I agree that every line, every detail both inside and outside is not only functional, but also shows the desire of the designer to make it beautiful. As you approach the car, you invariably notice French sophistication and attention to detail. And in the monotony of the steppes near Astrakhan, this is important!

Segment C is the most numerous on the market and there are enough competitors.

But if the search criteria imply good dynamics and a supercharged engine, then the C4 THP 150 for 804,000 rubles will be a bargain (Jetta and Octavia 1.4TSI with a DSG robot are fifty thousand rubles more expensive). This choice was made by 20% of all buyers. At a similar price, there is only a relative of the Peugeot 408 (its sales in eight months are a quarter less). The differences between them are mainly only in the design and the greater number of options available to the participant of this test drive.

There are bi-xenon headlights, heated windshield, and standard navigation. There are more than enough competitors for atmospheric versions. Version withmechanicsand air conditioning (option for 32,000 rubles) costs 641,000, and withautomatic- 683,000 rubles. Chevrolet Cruze is estimated at 607,000 with similar equipment and a discount of 55,000 rubles, the surcharge for a 6-speed automatic is more modest - 37,000 rubles. The purchase of Focus will result in 665,000 rubles, taking into account the sixty thousandth discount, but includes more options.

The advantage over these models will be a more spacious interior, but the dynamics are weaker due to the outdated oneautomatic machine. . If it so happens that you work in a taxi, then Ci112oen has a rare offer on the market for you - painting in yellow for 20,000 rubles. This is cheaper than the peeling film that you have to glue on cars for which yellow is not available. In addition to being attentive to the product itself, Ci118oen strives to make its service carefree as well, while at the same time calming those who are persecuted by stereotypes about French quality.

Together with the car, it is proposed to buy service packages. For example, extending the warranty from the standard three years / 100,000 km to four years / 160,000 km for twelve thousand rubles or more, which implies free replacement of wearing parts (17,490 rubles for 4 years / 60,000 km). You can stop "saving money" for maintenance by purchasing a contract covering all the necessary maintenance work (for 4 years / 60,000 km it costs 48,790 rubles). At the same time, it will be easier to sell a car on the secondary market.

We like

Attention to design, spacious front and rear, like the 150 hp version rides,omnivorouspendants.

We don't like

The trunk cannot be opened from the outside, the intricate radio control on the steering wheel.


A pleasant, spacious car, which can be driven fearlessly on bumpy roads.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 4621 * 1789 * 1496
Unladen weight, kg 1 390
Ground clearance, mm 176
Trunk volume, l 440
Fuel tank volume l 60
Engine gasoline 1.6 l, 150 hp with.
Transmission automatic, 6-speed
Drive front
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 9.


Maximum speed, km / h 200
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 7.9

Test drive Citroen C4 Lounge: capable small


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