Test Drive Chery Tiggo Fl 2.0 4X4 Off-Road: Professional Suitability

  The recent victory of the front-wheel drive Tiggo over its rival fellow countryman made us want to get to know the Chinese crossover better. Especially with its full-fledged version: with a high-torque two-liter engine, and most importantly - with all-wheel drive. Maybe Duster finally has a worthy rival? dishonestly obtained from global manufacturers. Therefore, on most models from the Middle Kingdom, there is no climate control, no adaptive power steering, at least a minimum of electronics in the cabin, and there is no need to talk about passive safety systems. Under the hood, as a rule, there are old, slightly modernized Japanese engines.

And to complicate the design with all-wheel drive, and even more so, no one has a great desire. And without all of the above, the quality of Chinese cars is, to put it mildly, unstable.

So one of the largest manufacturers in China with four-wheel drive also went wrong. On the copied RAV4 of the second generation, Chery's company nevertheless decided to install the BorgWarner clutch, which was legally purchased from the Americans. Only now they put it so that the system in operation began to resonate with the body, causing strong vibrations.

As a result, the all-wheel drive Tiggo had to be removed from the supplies.

Having dealt with the problem, and later giving the crossover an updated appearance, the Chinese returned the four-wheel drive Chery Tiggo FL 4x4 to the Russian market. Well, show what you are capable of!

Test drive Chery Tiggo FL 2.0 4x4 off-road: professional suitability

Test drive Chery Tiggo FL 2.</p><p>0 4x4 off-road: professional suitability

Determine what is in front of us it is the off-road version, from the outside it is possible for one single sign - the nameplate on the tailgate. In the cabin, there are no differences at all from the younger version - 1. 6 4x2, which we tested in detail together with the Lifan X60 . And I would like, first of all, to have a control unit for this very clutch in different driving modes.

But he is not - everything is left to the mercy of electronics, which decides for itself when and in what proportion to connect the rear wheels.

Test drive Chery Tiggo FL 2.0 4x4 off-road: professional suitability

Moreover, the electronics, again, in the Tiggo at a minimum. The front wheels slipped - the rear was connected, did not slip - did not connect.

There are no systems of braking and distribution of the moment n about each wheel, imitation of locks and other millions of sensors that affect the behavior of n . There is no full drive in the car. And, as it turned out, maybe even for the better.

But for now, I'm still a few tens of kilometers to the sandy landfill to get used to the engine. 2.

0-liter power unit, as if, of the old school -undistracted. . There are only 136 horses here, but they run briskly. There is no reaction gap between the accelerator and the engine. However, for active drivingherdyou need to spur, actively working with the levermechanics.

: all the power - after 3500 rpm.

But it is in this zone that the sound of the motor becomes intrusive, merging in the ensemble together with the noise of tires and wind. Considering not the most calibrated chassis and steering settings, which keep the driver in good shape at speed, Tiggo does not pull the role of a long-range cruiser. It will tire.

But the way to the dacha will be mastered without any problems.

The section of the forest road, which is a set of jumps of different heights, strained me more than the car. It turned out in vain. The inherited ground clearance of 190 mm, a small base and short overhangs in the front and rear gave Chery Tiggo 4x4 good geometric cross-country ability.

Test drive Chery Tiggo FL 2.0 4x4 off-road: professional suitability

Test drive Chery Tiggo FL 2.0 4x4 off-road: professional suitability

The crossover dived boldly into ditches of all sizes without ever getting caught. To the pleasure of the driver, the Tiggo suspension has good travels and good energy intensity, which allows, without dropping speed, rushing over country bumps and dirt roads.

In the sandylake.

, which we regularly use to create spectacular shots, Cherie Tiggo felt like a child in a sandbox, frolicking in an enchanting drift to the delight of the photographer. By the way, it was here that the first off-road drawback was actively manifested, which was clear even on the way - the Cherie Tiggo motor did not have it at allbottoms. . What does this mean? And the fact that when driving on unsteady surfaces, as expected, in tightness, you have to burn the clutch, which also works in the Chinese crossovertop. .

The clutch is also roughly connected. The most difficult test that I had a chance to try - driving from a place into a steep sandy ascent with alternate hanging of the wheels - the car was given, but not the first time. Tiggo struggled to climb upon the front. . And when, in the middle of the way, the electronics realized that the godlessly skidding wheels needed help, there was literally a blow in the ass.

The momentum sharply thrown onto the rear axle with a spectacular fan of sand from under the wheels and the smell of a scorched clutch triumphantly pushed the crossover to the top of the hill.

In this case, everything went well. But connect the clutch so somewhere in a turn on a winter track, it can be deployed. ..

But just for such different situations in the all-wheel drive transmissions of many competitors, there are switches 2WD, 4WD, etcLock. , with which you can put the system into the desired state in advance.

What is the bottom line?

Anyway, Chery Tiggo FL 2. 0 4x4 turned out to be quite a capable crossover. At least nominally.

It is already clear that with regular off-road sorties, the clutch has every chance of being on the listconsumables. . And dealers do not hide the fact that the owners who actively use the all-wheel drive Tiggo for their intended purpose complain about the quick overheating of the clutch.

By and large, for a budget crossover that does not pretend to be an SUV, this is not critical - for dacha-city tasks, its capabilities are enough with a margin.

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Handling
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Price

We like it

Geometric cross-country ability, suspension work

We don't like

Urbanengine settings, no forced four-wheel drive modes


Possible alternative to Duster in case of acute hostility toFrenchman

It is much more important that such a Tiggo 4x4 costs almost 700,000 rubles.

This is one hundred and twenty thousand more than for the front-wheel drive version with a motor 1.6 - a significant surcharge in the budget segment. And most importantly, no matter how you hide and abstract, and very close, for the same money, is a two-liter all-wheel drive Renault Duster with a powerful clutch from Nissan Murano, a six-speed gearbox with a downshift first gear and a three-mode transmission selector, as well as a whole list of driving and consumer advantages. ..

Can Chery, as in the case of the RAV4, think about a new role model, making it half the price?

Dimensions (L x W x B) 4 390 * 1 765 * 1 705
Unladen weight, kg 1 503
Ground clearance, mm 190
Trunk volume, l 520
Fuel volume Tank L 57
Engine Gasoline 2.0 L 136 HP with
Transmission mechanical, 5-speed
Drive full
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s. 15
Maximum speed, km / h 170
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 9.1

Test drive Chery Tiggo FL 2.0 4x4 off-road: professional suitability

Edition of the Kolesa portal. Ru expresses gratitude to the auto centerEastcom- to the official Chery dealer in St. Petersburg for the provided car.


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