Suzuki No Longer Supplies Splash And Swift To Russia

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Suzuki no longer supplies Splash and Swift to Russia
  The Japanese company Suzuki has stopped selling two hatchbacks at once in the Russian automotive market - deliveries of new cars of the S37lash and Swift models to the Russian Federation are no longer carried out. 

Deliveries of Suzuki S43lash and Swift to Russia are discontinued. These models are hidden from the Russian website of the brand. Now the brand's lineup is made up of Grand Vitara, SX4, SX4 Classic and Jimny cars. In the summer of 2021 like this onefourVitara will also be added, sales of which have already begun in Europe.

Alivio of Thai assembly promises to come to Russia next year.

Suzuki Swift in the Russian market was offered in three- and five-door versions, and the second version could be both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, but Swift had one motor - 94-horsepower a 1.2-liter engine, which could be equipped with both a mechanical and an automatic gearbox. ..

Three-doorin Russia it was possible to buy for 629,000 rubles, and the price of a five-door hatchback varies from 584,000 to 769,000 rubles.

Suzuki Splash was offered only in a five-door version, the car had more compact dimensions and was equipped with the same engine with 94 hp. with. power as the Swift, which was also paired with both manual and automatic transmissions. Until recently, Russians could buy a car at a price of 599,000 to 654,000 rubles.

Presumably, the company decided to stop supplying two models to Russia due to low demand for them.

The situation on the Russian market continues to deteriorate in 2021: the economic crisis contributes to an ever-increasing decline in demand (in April, the decline was 41.5%), this affects almost all automakers, including and on Suzuki. So, in the first third of this yearSuzuki Motor Rusonly 1,760 cars of the brand were sold on the Russian market, which corresponds to a 75% reduction in sales.

As we have already mentioned, a new Suzuki Vitara should appear on the Russian market in August 2021, which, according to the company, inherited all the advantages of three generations of the legendary model and is currently the new flagship of the Japanese brand.

And in the second half of 2021, the Russians will wait for the Suzuki Alivio sedan, the model is already being assembled in China and India, but cars assembled in Thailand will go to Russia.


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