Subaru Levorg Got Hold Of The "all-Seeing" Eyesight

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Subaru Levorg got hold of the
  The Subaru Levorg can be optionally fitted with Eyesight 3.0. 0  

Subaru has added a new Advance Safety Package to the Levorg. includes a monitoring system for the road situation Eyesight 3. 0.

Also included in the safety utilities are systems for monitoring the situation behind the car (Rear Vehicle Detection), on the sides (Side View Monitor) and the function of automatic switching of high beam headlights High Beam Assist.

The Rear Vehicle Detection function warns the driver about a car moving behind and intending to overtake, and thanks to the Side View Monitor, the driver can see what is happening inblindzone. High Beam Assist automatically switches from high beam to low beam and vice versa, depending on the traffic situation. The latest generation of Eyesight 3.0 includes adaptive cruise control, lane tracking and functionsteering.

, an emergency braking system that can stop the car in case of danger from a speed of 50 km / h.

In addition to these safety systems, shock absorbers with an adjustable degree of stiffness are already included in the standard equipment. The price of a Subaru Levorg in Japan starts at 2,775,600 yen (about 1,210,000 rubles). For the station wagon, a 170-horsepower engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a two-liter engine with 300 horsepower are available.

Both engines are paired with a CVT and come with an all-wheel drive system. In Russia, the model is not officially presented.

By the way, the EyeSight system has already found application on STI and WRX, Impreza, Legacy and Outback crossover, which became the first Subaru model in Europe to receive this complex. Recall that the new Outback can already be bought in Russia at a price of 2,190,000 rubles, but the car has not received the EyeSight specification for the domestic market.


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