Smoking In The Car With Children Can Be Banned

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Smoking in the car with children can be banned
  The State Duma is considering a bill prohibiting smoking in a car if there is a minor child. 

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The document provides for amendments to the lawOn the basic guarantees of the rights of the child in the Russian Federation. .

Smokers who violate the law will incur material losses; the fine will be from three to five thousand rubles.

The legislative initiative as a whole found support from the deputies.

The authors of the document believe that prohibitive measures may be formal in nature andwill not work in practicehoweverthe Russian state is obliged to create such precedents in accordance with both the Constitution of the Russian Federation and in pursuance of the accepted norms of international treaties on tobacco control. , reportsRossiyskaya Gazeta. , quoting the explanatory note to the bill.

The authors explain the necessity of introducing a ban by taking care of children, whose health is significantly harmed as a result of secondhand smoke. Since the absorption of harmful toxins from the air by the lungs of a child is higher than that of adults, the young body suffers more from systematic toxin poisoning and oxygen deficiency.

Note that a bill banning smoking in a car with children was introduced to the State Duma in February this year. Later, the specialized committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on family, women and children considered it impossible to ensure the implementation of this bill.


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