Scania Special Vehicles Test Drive In Norway: Winners Of Winter

  12.5 seconds to 100 km / h - these numbers look boring exactly until you realize that they refer to a multi-ton truck. We are in the very north of Europe testing the coolest trucks in the Scania range: extra-long trucks, timber trucks, fire and snow trucks and of course all-terrain vehicles. 

Norway, like Russia, derives its prosperity from oil wells, however, there is quite a lot of oil in Norway, but there are quite a few people, so this country has the highest per capita income level.

Meanwhile, the operating conditions of trucks from Russian ones differ slightly.

The roads are better, but there is so much snow that they simply do not have time to clean it, so there is ice, and snow drifts, and many kilometers of traffic jams on the tracks - everything is like ours. Plus, most of the country is covered with mountains, which does not make life easier for truckers, and the winter is no shorter than ours.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

Photo: Maxim Sergeev

Norgi know a lot about serious cars. No wonder they order the most powerful cars in the most expensive trim levels. Well, how the Norwegians love Scania trucks, there is no need to tell anyone - one of the most popular brands.


Common features

The main advantage of Scania, according to the operators, is its relative simplicity - unlike competitors, Scania trucks are not yet oversaturated with electronics and have repeatedly proved their reliability. By the way, only Swedish manufacturers (Scania and Volvo) guarantee the normal operation of their vehicles at a temperature of -45 ° C. Competitors' indicators are more modest.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The second is the engines. Scania has made the world's first V8 engine to meet emission requirementsEuro-6.

. The presentation of the engine took place in 2021, and it is still the only one in the world! Working volume 16.4 liters. Power range 500-730 hp with. The torque of the most powerful version is 3,500 Nm.

Connoisseurs will say that the most powerful production truck engine produces 750 hp. with. and wears the Volvo brand. But Volvo Trucks are fitted with in-line onessixes16.1 l, and only Scania has a V8 engine (Euro 6.

). And all other things being equal, Scania engines show enviable efficiency.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The third is transmissions. The fact that European carriers prefer automated transmissions has already become commonplace. But not all yoghurts are created equal.

, and one of the most successful - Scania branded automated 12-speed transmission ScaniaO54ticruise with two crawler gears and three shift algorithms:normal. ,economicaland power. . It is not for nothing that it will be installed in 2021 on MAN trucks, as well as Scania, partly owned by Volkswagen AG.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The fourth is driver comfort.

Despite the fact that this cab is almost 20 years old, it has few competitors in terms of ease of placement and visibility. Only Mercedes Actros MP4 and Volvo FH can offer such comfortable seats and the widest adjustment ranges, the rest do not hold out. And it's not worth talking about visibility at all, Scania's designers have managed to arrange the front struts and mirrors in such a way that they practically do not steal visibility, other competitors are worse with this.

In general, we get comfortable behind the wheel, start the engine with a regular key (no buttons) and remove from a regular one (not electric)handbrake. .

Don't forget, however, that Scania will be showing a new cab this year, where it all will be. As will be a normal sleeping place (the lower sleeping bunk narrowed in the head and legs is the only, perhaps, serious puncture in Scaniev's ergonomics).

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

highly appreciated by our carriers. It is not without reason that even in the falling Russian market, Scania remains the only company that ended 2021 with a profit. It came out on top in terms of the number of cars sold among the manufacturers of the European seven, having sold 5,499 trucks and chassis.

It's time to check for yourself what wealthy Norwegians choose.

Snow storm

Norwegians do not mind to earn extra money - an extra penny does not bother anyone. But how? Pretty simple. Since the roads do not have time to clean, you can clean them yourself, having previously agreed on payment with the municipality.

Let's take a regular, by Norwegian standards, flatbed truck Scania R580 6X4.

In summer and off-season it is used in combination with a trailer. 580 l. with. and 2,950 Nm of the Scaniev V8 is enough to haul a road train with a gross weight of up to 50 tons over the mountains. The front axle of the tractor is designed for a load of 9 tons, the rear bogie of two axles with hub gears - for 21 tons.

In snow snow removal equipment is attached to the machine. With a snow plow, the car resembles a Mars rover from the Soviet fiction of the 60s. In the orange flashes of flashing beacons, with additional lighting equipment, throwing a powerful snow plume to the side of the road, a snow storm rushes towards the road.

While driving, the situation is perceived much more prosaically: the control panel for the scraper and the display, which displays a picture from the camera that controls the position of the scraper.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The control panel is a kind of cross between a computer mouse and a joystick.

The transfer from the transport position to the working position is transferred in two movements - unblock the drive with one button, and lower the snow plow to the surface by tilting the joystick.

Everything, you can leave.

Working speed 35-40 km / h, while the main thing is not to fall outgreen zonetachometer, and the rest will be done by the automated transmission ScaniaO104ticruise with off-road mode. The deceleration of the Scania R580 snow blower is assisted by a retarder that develops up to 4,100 Nm of braking torque. Use the service brakes only for the final stop.

This Scania R580 6X4 is fitted with Øveraasen snow plows at your request at the Scania assembly plant.

The very best!

Reverse, accurate throttle operation, ScaniaO111ticruise's transmissionshuntingmode, blinking emergency gang. Half a turn of the steering wheel, another half a turn, another quarter ...

and a three-link road train with a full load, folding, finally blocks the area for maneuvering ... Oh, how well it all started ..

. Extra longScandinavian couplings25.25 meters each - so far only the dream of our carriers.

Such monsters can be found exclusively in Scandinavia, and only here. So far, as an experiment, the operation of 60-ton road trains with a length of 25.

25 meters is allowed.

The flagship R 730 To121line is a top-of-the-line semitrailer tractor. The largest cab in the range, leather seats and all the options available, including a built-in coffee maker and microwave. For most of our drivers, this is an unimaginable luxury. But the most interesting thing is still under the cab: the most powerful 16.

4-liter Scania V8 engine produces 730 hp. with. power and 3,500 Nm of torque. Of course, the automated transmission ScaniaO123ticruise has also found its place.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The front axle is designed for a load of 9 tons.

At the rear - a bogie of two axles with single-stage gearboxes with a lifting capacity of 19 tons. A modular Schmitz trailer works in tandem with the tractor.

And the first impression of the movement: there is nothing complicated about it. It is necessary to look in the mirrors, and very carefully pass the roundabouts, but otherwise nothing special is required from the driver ..

. It is worth noting that a considerable merit in this is the steering. The turning radius is one of the best in the class, and there is a distinct informative effort on the steering wheel. This is not a mistake, I am writing about a 60-ton super-long road train, which has much better steering information than many cars of two or three classes below.

And what about reversing? The instructor, looking at my torment, sighed heavily and said something encouraging, in the sense that six months of training - and you will park like in a passenger car.

If we talk about economic feasibility, then the fuel consumption is quite high, but the increase in the amount of cargo by one and a half times is impressive in itself. In Scandinavia, modest in size, such machines have been in operation for several years, and carriers are persistently trying to push permits for their operation throughout the European Union. And it would be useful for us ...

True, we have a 20 m limit on the length of the road train. And with the axle load, not all is well. No, formally, eight axles for the limitation in force on our roads (8 tons per axle) is quite enough for the passage of a 60-ton road train, but in muddy roads, even on federal highways, you can find restriction signs6 tons per axleand even 5 t per axle. .

The front axle is designed for a load of 9 tons.

At the rear there is a bogie of two axles with single-stage gearboxes with a lifting capacity of 19 tons. A modular Schmitz trailer works in tandem with the tractor.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

Forest is our wealth

As a rule, even in Russia, loggers do not live in poverty and buy equipment based on performance, not price. And even now we can find timber trucks in expensive configurations, with branded Alucar timber superstructures from Finland and timber loading manipulators manufactured by E159silon, such as Scania R520 with a traditional V8 engine for difficult operating conditions (520 hp 2700 Nm). Reinforced chassis with increased dimensions for loading the maximum permitted timber volume.

Gross weight is shown modestly:not less than 60 tons. .

Front - parabolic springs, rear - air suspension. The maximum full load on the front axle reaches 9 tons, the rear drive bogie is designed for 21 tons. The automatic transmission Scania O166ticruise with a clutch pedal, which is used only when starting off and finally stopping, completes the picture.

Plus disc brakesin a circle. .

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

And it is not worth giving up these options - the price of an error is too high, not only is it complete the mass of the road train is more than 60 tons, so it will also have to be driven on technological dirt roads. And here it is necessary not only to look at both, but literally feel the rather big dimensions and take into account all the irregularities. There are frequent cases when, on difficult terrain, a heavy trailer overwhelmed the road train or broke the drawbar of the trailer.

And yet our loggers buy such machines. Why? As one of the timber merchants in the Komi Republic told me:You see, one Scania is as lucky as three MAZs. Three MAZs are eight highly qualified drivers who have to be paid. This is a wild fuel consumption and unwarranted access to the line ..

. Naturally, in such conditions, I will choose Scania timber trucks. .

Adrenaline injection

Bright coloring. Acceleration in 12 seconds to 100 km / h, top speed 125 km / h.

The eyes are dazzled by additional equipment, a siren is howling overhead ... Similar sensations can be obtained only in the cabin of a rally-raid truck. But this is just a Scania P 480 4x4 fire truck.

Although not quite simple - airfield.

The chassis on which such machines are built is reinforced, from the army versions.

Maximum maneuverability is ensured by the inline 6-cylinder engine with 13L displacement and 480hp. with. in combination with Allison transmission and all-wheel drive.

The Scania CP 28 two-row cab has enough room for a crew of five (2 + 3) people.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The Rosenbauer superstructure was supplied by EgenesBrannteknikk AS from Norway. The water tank holds 2,850 liters and the foam tank holds 100 liters of liquid. The Rosenbauer pump can operate in normal and high pressure modes with a maximum flow of 3,500 l / min, throwing a foam jet at 50 m! the feeling is not for the faint of heart. It's even more fun inside, everything is fine with handling, but we must remember that the laws of physics have not yet been canceled and you need to be careful when entering a turn in a car with a high center of mass.

Our firefighters have already appreciated these vehicles, and they work in the capital's airports, however, ours went further than the Norwegians and bought three-axle Scania P480 6X6.

Memories of a rebellious youth

This is the feeling of permissiveness, the same as a quarter of a century ago - a training KamAZ-4310, ripping through the virgin snow of the DOSAAF test site, all blockages are on, and the sergeant-instructor yells:Gaza, Your Division !. . Of course, the Scania G 370 6x6 is a completely different level of comfort and technology, but the off-road essence is the same:We have no barriers !. .

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

The standard sleeping cabin of the G series differs from the top ones in more modest interior space, but this can become and an advantage - such a cabin warms up faster in frost. Inlinesixvolume of 13 liters (370 liters. from. 1,900 Nm) works in collaboration with the 9-bandautomaticAllison A67R and allows you to simply select the direction andget downfor all the money. Well, if you sit down, then a mechanical winch will help out.

This multifunctional truck received a hooklift from the Swedish company HIAB as a superstructure. The front axle is designed for a load of 8.5 tons, the rear bogie of two axles is capable of lifting 26 tons. In Scandinavia, such machines are purchased by energy companies, our oil and gas workers also do not complain about a decrease in income.

Scania special vehicles test drive in Norway: winners of winter

Reflections in traffic blocked snow and a tunnel at the entrance to Osloestablishedroad train, providing traffic police and evacuation services with work.

Two hours in a traffic jam ... Everything is like ours. Only here incomes per capita .


Although, given the large-scale projects that will be implemented in the very near future (World Cup 2021, Crimean bridge, gas pipelinePower of Siberia. , high-speed railwayMoscow - Beijing. ), there is a chance for the emergence of new serious players.

In the meantime, it remains to repeat after the classic:Although it looks like Russia, just not Russia. .


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