Saab Of The Brain: About Disease In The First Person

  There are such amazing people - Saabovods. They are crazy about the silhouettes of their cars and are ready to forgive them everything for the recognizable style and drive. We found a person with an illness in the terminal stage: he loves not justSaabsand very oldSaabs. . 

Many people consider the car as a means of moving the fifth point from point A to point B.

But if you look closely, you can see that besides the wheels, steering wheel and body that protects from bad weather, there is something else -what is individual for each car. Each four-wheeled friend has his own needs, habits and even desires. And no matter how the car fails, it must be loved. If you reckon with the habits and desires of the machine, it will love you too.

Case history


When I first saw SAAB, the emotions from acquaintance were probably comparable to those of an archaeologist who discovered tablets with inscriptions on unknown language.

So I'm 12 years old. In Finland, in the parking lot at the supermarket, I notice an interesting car. I walk up from the front to look at the nameplate and see four letters.

But the problem is that I do not know such a brand, and this puzzles me. I go around the car.

The beauty and smoothness of the forms of a thoroughbred fastback, a beautiful curved windshield, alloy wheels with an intricate pattern are striking. .. Well, what else is needed for the car to sink into memory for a long time? The further trip around the country did not interest me - I thought about what I saw.

What I learned about him

At home, having climbed up to my elbows on the Internet, I discovered the following.

Firstly, the aviation firm SAAB and the automobile firm SAAB are direct relatives. After that, the question, how did they come up with such aerodynamic, but at the same time aggressive forms, disappeared by itself.

Secondly, since the car is from Sweden, which is practically close to St. Petersburg, I assumed that through the window to Europe cut through by Peter the GreatSaabsmost likely they are being transported to us in large quantities.

Thirdly, the car I liked was the SAAB 99 fastback coupe of the late 70s.

For the next few years, my interest was not fueled by anything, I had no time to dream about cars, and the SAAB remained just a beautiful car, seen once.

The course of the disease

But now, finally, I got my license, and the process of choosing the first car started.

Friends at the institute drove mainly on the products of Czech engineers Tatra (that is, on the T3 tram), the lucky few went on front-wheel driveZhiguli. , and another one owned the Audi 80, which he adored. .

.Saabe. .

Briefly about the symptoms

Saabis a religion

Many former ownersSaabovit is said to be an unreliable, expensive to maintain, scary-looking machine. Some people happily remember how they once droveSwedelets.

. And there is also a narrow circle of people who believed in SAAB and became infected with it. Why narrow? Yes, because in comparison with fans of BMW, Mercedes-Benz or even seedySkodaSaabophiles are negligible. The most stubborn specimens have been driven only for many yearsSaabach. , and if they change, then exclusively for a newer oneSaab.


To the questionUncle, why do you like SAAB so much ?these people respond evasively.

Someone lovesairplanesfor technology excellence. For the fact that some elements could only be invented by engineers with aviation roots. Naturally, the more modern the SAAB model, the less it is from the aircraft and more from the car.

But this is happening not only because modern cars are built on the same platforms and there is no need to stand out, but also because much that was invented in the engineering center in Trollhättan is now used in all cars. These are dual-circuit brakes, and three-point seat belts, heated and ventilated seats, and headlight cleaners. .. And of course, turbocharging.

The SAAB 99 was already equipped with a turbocharged engine in the 70s. Before that, all turbines had a very small resource and a very large turbo lag. EngineersSaabareduced the turbo lag to 3 thousand revolutions and extended the life of the turbine to the sane thousand kilometers.

Ergonomics is a separate topic. When you sit down in any SAAB, you realize, although not immediately, that each button is exactly where it should be.

At first, everything is surprising and even shocking. Ignition lock between the seats. ..Wiperswave from left to right.

Mirror adjustment knob - God knows where. But once you use the mechanism, you involuntarily wonder how much they spent on bringing the ergonomics of the cabin to perfection?

There are still people who love SAAB not for something tangible. Rather for tradition. For the history of the brand. But still, most fans love their cars for all of the above.

Just as a song without one line loses its meaning, so does SAAB without its ornate combination of children, and for many, seniorsdiseaseswith a lot of nice little things and technically beautiful elements will already be not so attractive.


After I decided that I needed SAAB, I started thinking about what model I wanted. In the beginning, like many amateursSaabovI dreamed of a first generation 900 model from 1979-1993. Since all the copies are already over 20, those around me, discouraging me from buying, were divided into two camps.

Some argued that the car is old, the body metal is tired, the units are all worn out and a serious stream of failures is guaranteed.

Their colleagues from another camp took the easy route and simply said that the SAAB was not a machine. Whether it's Audi or Mercedes!

I, in turn, succumbing to the provocation of those who talked about the age of the car, switched to the second-generation 900 model of 1993-1998. and bought it. Communication with this mestizoOpeland the car did not last long, only a few months. And here I am again in the selection process.

The disease wins

This time, I knew exactly whatSaabsometimes up to model 9000 and after model 9-3. ..Nine hundredsecond generation - a good car, but not what we expect fromSaaba. .

And I started looking for a 99, 90 or 900 I. After a rather lengthy and thoughtful search, three SAAB 99 coupes were purchased almost at once. Almost the same as the car that I saw a long time ago in Finland.

SAAB of the Brain: About Disease in the First Person

SAAB of the Brain: About Disease in the First Person

Why is he?

You can talk for a long time about the beauty and technology of the machine. We can say that it was the best value for money.

But we will focus on what can be discussed! The SAAB 99 is the car that opened up the worldthe same oneSaab style.

Its design, by Sistine Sason, replaces the SAAB 92-96's sleek, drop-shaped appearance, which changed little from 1949 to 1967. It was bold. Very brave! Look at the contemporaries: BMW 2002, O105el Rekord, Audi 60, Mercedes-Benz W113. Now take another look at SAAB.

Yes! He's on a horse! It is strikingly different from competitors, and this is captivating.

Snow on the ground

It's been 45 years already in the yard like not the 69th year, and people do not choose between the above models. A person who is interested in a car over 30 years old usually knows for sure what SAAB is betterOpelwith BMW and vice versa. He just has a favorite brand, and he chooses it. People who own such old and rare cars are equally doomed to look for expensive spare parts.

To wait for weeks until at some online auction the bearing or thrust they need appears ...

Also, to own a retro car, you need a garage. Yours will not be one of theone and a halfcars to the city just stand in the yard.

For everyone who decided to restore an old car, I can share my experience: after preliminary calculations, the amount of repair must be multiplied by 5, and then think again.

But if you are firmly convinced that you will be glad of an old (or not very) rare car, that you are ready to forgive her unexpected onesdiseasewillows are ready to take care of her, then go for it! And if you like SAAB, don't listen to those who talk about its shortcomings. Just assess the pros and cons of it sensibly and buy.

SAAB of the Brain: About Disease in the First Person


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