Russian Nissan Qashqai And X-Trail With Semi-Autopilot: Prices

Russian Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail with semi-autopilot: prices

Crossovers Qashqa246 and X-Trail of new generations will appear in Russia only by the end of 2022, so until then Nissan will continue to produce current models at the plant in St. Petersburg. And gradually modernize them. Now cars of the 2021 model year have appeared on sale, and in the list of options they have the ProPilot system, which appeared in crossovers for Europe or America four years ago.

ProPilot is the rudiment of autopilot, that is, advanced cruise control.

It is activated by a button on the steering wheel, works only on the motorway, maintains a safe distance and keeps it in the center of the lane. We got an early version of the ProPilot, which requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel, although newer versions already allow you to ride "hands-free". But Nissan said that the system is adapted to real operating conditions in different regions of Russia (including in winter). Engineers drove 30 thousand kilometers on test cars on our roads and made some adjustments to the control program.

Russian Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail with semi-autopilot: prices

Russian crossovers have the ProPilot system only in expensive versions LE + (instead of the LE Yandex version) and LE To14, and a driver fatigue monitoring system and a parking lot are installed with it.

previously only vehicles in the LE To16 version were relied upon.

At the same time, Qashqai and X-Trail have acquired the Connect Services telematics system, which allows communication with the machine using a smartphone. You can track the location of the car, remotely unlock the doors and start the engine, monitor the status of its technical systems and fuel supply, call for help in an emergency, as well as set restrictions for other drivers (for example, speed limits, time frames and areas of use) and receive notifications about violations.

Russian Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail with semi-autopilot: prices

Connect Services works only with the standard Nissan Connect media system with a seven-inch screen, so the "alternative" Yandex head unit (with an eight-inch screen and proprietary functionality) is no longer offered for Russian Nissan. The Kashkaya telematics system Connect Services is available in SE To26, LE, LE + and LE To137 versions, while X-Trail has SE +, SE To245, LE + and LE Top versions.

Russian Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail with semi-autopilot: prices

By the way, with the transition to the new model year, the Russian Nissan X-Trail lost its turbodiesel. Engine 1.6 dCi 130 hp with. was aggregated only with a manual transmission, so sales were low: for example, last year this version accounted for less than 5% of demand. From now on, the X-Trail, like the Qashqai, is offered in Russia only with gasoline engines.

The basic Qashqai has risen in price by 58 thousand rubles, and the starting X-Trail - by only 29 thousand. But those versions that have the ProPilot system added 109-149 thousand rubles. Full price lists now look like this:

Nissan Qashqai
1. 2T 2WD MT6
1. 2T 2WD CVT

0 2WD MT6
2. 0 2WD CVT
2. 0 4WD CVT

XE RUB 1,555,000 RUB 1,616,000 RUB 1,688,000 RUB 1,749,000 RUB 1,841,000
SE RUB 1,682,000 1,743,000 rubles. RUB 1,827,000 RUB 1,888,000 1,980,000 rubles.
SE+ 1,721,000 rubles.

RUB 1,782,000 RUB 1,866,000 RUB 1,927,000 RUB 2,019,000
SE Top - - - 2,008,000 rubles. RUB 2,100,000
LE - - - 2 057 000 rub. 2 149 000 rubles.
LE+ - - - 2 153 000 rub. RUB 2,245,000
LE Top - - - 2,167,000 rubles.

RUB 2,259,000

Nissan X-Trail
2. 0 2WD MT6
2. 0 2WD CVT
2. 0 4WD CVT
2. 5 4WD CVT

XE 1 880 000 rub.

- - -
XE+ - - RUB 2,071,000 -
SE - 2 092 000 rub. RUB 2,188,000 -
SE+ - 2 185 000 rub. RUB 2,281,000 2,363,000 rubles.
SE Top - - 2 337 000 rub. 2,419,000 rubles.

LE - - 2 368 000 rub. 2,450,000 rubles.
LE+ - - 2,463,000 rubles. RUB 2,545,000
LE Top - - 2,513,000 rubles. RUB 2,595,000



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