Renault Duster Pickup Truck And Its Body Brothers, Which We Do Not Have

  News about the upcoming introduction to the market of the Renault Duster pickup, which every timejust aboutshould appear in car dealerships, on city streets and in farmers' yards, appear with a fair amount of regularity. Back in 2021, we wrote that a new modification is expected to enter the market in 2021Antherand in two versions, like real pickups, with a single and double cab, as well as with different equipment levels. 

These plans looked especially plausible against the background of the impending cessation of production of three models at once, carrying cargo-passenger and economic functions - the Logan MCV station wagon, the Logan Van van and the Logan Pick-U11 pickup truck. New truckcould partially fill this gap, and at the same time attract new customers, for whom the off-road image of Duster would be much more convincing than that of Logan with a body.

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

Renault Duster

But time passes, and the promised and long-awaited Duster Picku28 is in no hurry to acquire serial material shape.

In August 2021, public interest was again fueled by photographs from public road tests, where the car looked completely finished and ready for mass production. And already in October Renault presented another concept on this topic - Duster Oroch. He, in contrast to the car seen in the tests, had a double cab, emphasized elegant appearance and non-standard interior. However, it's already 2021, and things are still there. At least the visible part of it.

Nevertheless, we have almost no doubt that the cargo-passenger version of the popular crossover will still see the light of day, and in the foreseeable future. But even if this happens, its presence in our market raises considerable doubts. But there is no doubt that the car will definitely appear in Brazil, because it was precisely on her that he was initially focused. Brazil ..

. but I remember something exclusive andbodyworkthere was already ... Oh yes! Volkswagen Saveiro!

Volkswagen Saveiro

Do you think the Amarok is the first / only / main (choose your version) pickup from the German concern? No matter how it is.

This is their only pickup truck that is truly known to us and has a wide habitat.

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

There are iendemicliving only in South America. Such, for example, is the Gol hatchback (no, we have not sealed ourselves, not Golf, but Gol), but today we are not interested in him, but in his relative, built on his own platform, - Volkswagen Saveiro. This small pickup truck has been quite successful since 1982 and has since gone through a fair amount of updates and restyling. Moreover, in 2021, for example, he entered the top ten pickups in its class according to the publication Car and Driver.

Still can't remember? Don't worry, this is normal.

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

After all, the car is not officially exported outside South America, and even in Russia it is even more so never sold. Nevertheless, this does not prevent him from consistently finding buyers in the markets where he is represented, even while being in the company of a new onebig brotherAmarok. The Saveiro does not shine with the novelty of the design or the advanced technical achievements of Volkswagen, it just looks good, has its own style, a good list of options and a body to boot. And he also hasoff-roadCross version, just like the Lada Kalina .

It is strange that Volkswagen has not yet decided to try its luck with it in other countries, because the demand for pickups remains quite stable.

Fiat Strada

Another unique one from Brazil. Its history is quite similar to Saveiro, only it was created some 14 years later than it - the first cars were released in 1996. The car was also designed on the basis of a compact hatchback, it was Palio, which was sold all over the world, and was also assembled everywhere, right up to the ZMA in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

Stradacitizen of the worlddid not, confining himself to the already familiar South America, where he gained success and good sales.

The last update dates back to 2021, when the pickup got updated optics, increased payload and a third door that opens in the same way as the Mazda RX-8. Fiat loudly announces 130 thousand copies sold in 2021 worldwide. True, it is especially worth noting that more than 117 thousand of them were sold ...

that's right, in Brazil. Well, the restcrumbsdispersed to nearby territories, for example 7,600 were sold in Argentina. Fiat is particularly proud of the Strada's sales of nearly double its direct rival, the Volkswagen Saveiro. Indeed, not a bad result.

Subaru Baja

This is, of course, not Fiat.

First, it's Subaru (thanks, Captain). Secondly, it is an all-wheel drive Subaru (you might think it happens differently). And thirdly, this is not a compact pickup, designed for South America from a small hatchback. It is longer than the Subaru Tribeca. It is more original than Tribeca.

He's cooler than Tribeca.

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have

The design of this original pickup was drawn in the American Subaru Studios based on the ST-X Concept. The main task that the designers set themselves was to create a car unlike any other that does not fall into any of the existing classes. It looks like they did it. They drew inspiration from rally pickups, marathons, andBachquite consistent with this image, albeit mainly in appearance.

The model was created on the basis of the Legacy station wagon, which had the rear part of the roof cut off, as wellfeedlengthened to suit the tailgate body. The picture was complemented by massive roof rails and large headlights in the front bumper, which made it even more similar tomarathonpickup. The body was equipped with loops for securing cargo, and the tailgate was equipped with a mechanism for turning the number plate so that it was visible even with the lid open. The main markets for Baja were the United States, Canada and Chile. However, the optimistic plans for sales volumes were not realized.

The reasons for this were the untimely output of the turbocharged engine to the number available for the model, andheavya plastic body kit, and some other factors. Unfortunately, the history of the car turned out to be quite bright, but short, and after 5 years of sluggish sales, it was decided to stop its production. It's a pity, because the idea was not bad, only the implementation let it down a little ...

Ford F-650

In general, we hoped that it will get lost in the general background of stories about pickups from Brazil, but we quickly realized that a car that could not be closed even if you put two Duster Pickup on top of each other , and with a wheelbase longer than the entire Saveiro , in principle, it cannot get lost somewhere. Yes, initially it was not a pickup at all, but a truck, about the size of GAZon NEXT . But nevertheless, we simply could not write about pickups and not mention this handsome man. See for yourself how much primitive strength, power and monumentality there is. Is there any need for descriptions here?

Renault Duster pickup truck and its body brothers, which we do not have


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