Realized For Three. Test Drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 Mt

  The famous French manufacturer, who has earned a reputation for extravagant design and daring technical experiments, finally drew attention to the working class: the crisis forced it. Kolesa experts. Ru tested the most affordable sedan Ci218oen and decided who it suits best: a city dweller, a summer resident or a traveler. 

The French car industry is a specific thing. The Gauls' non-trivial view of what a car should be regularly leads to incredible projects, innovative technologies, design awards and delight of visitors to various auto exhibitions.

Everything is fine, but unfortunately, this does not often lead to commercial success. And then there is the recession of the European economy and, as a result, an urgent task: an invasion of emerging markets, but long seized by competitors.

To fight the dominance of "Koreans", "Germans", and most importantly - compatriots-renoshnikov, Citroen called on "Elisha". True, not at all royal, but of the most proletarian blood ..


Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

Ilya Ogorodnikov

Kolesa portal reviewer ... Ru

I traveled a lot and actively in the test C-Elysee around the city. To work, shopping, for building materials for repairs.

.. He will talk about how good the "Frenchman" is in daily trips within the metropolis.

Worker-peasant origins Ci224oen C-Elysee instantly gives out design. Or rather, its absence.

They tried to pull the signature features of the "double chevron" onto a rectangular body. That is why the front and back turned out well, but in general - there is no image. Turned away and forgot.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.</p><p>6 MT

Everything is in the cabin according to the laws of the genre: a lot of space (especially on the second row) and not much convenience. Front seats - "hello, scoliosis", the steering column is not adjustable for reach, there is no armrest, compartments for small things too.

The buttons for the power windows, for adjusting the mirrors and for controlling the radio, according to the French tradition, can be found in the most unexpected places.

The "filed" steering wheel not only looks completely inappropriate, but also inconvenient when intercepting.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

But the glossy sand panel looks very good, the detailed on-board computer from " senior Citroens, and the Spanish assembly - offset.

Good old engine 1.6, although it has a reputation for being unpretentious and rather reliable unit, gasoline loves to "eat" no worse than 95th and does not suffer from lack of appetite: with active city driving - 11-12 liters per 100 km! And this is on the "mechanics".

The five-speed transmission itself, like the engine, is from the Citroen past. So, hello again, long moves and fuzzy gear shifting.

The transmissions themselves are also "long", but in the city it is rather a plus - the lever has to be operated infrequently. 115 strong is more than enough, but you need to keep them in good shape. At the "top" they are wailing too much, and from the "bottom" they are in no hurry to pull.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.</p><p>6 MT

The main advantage of the car is the suspension. In terms of energy capacity, it can give a head start to Logan himself. Moreover, complete indifference to the flaws of the road did not in any way affect the stability of the sedan.

"Elisha" manages with dignity, decorously writes turns and does not frighten with departures from the trajectory.

Under the protection of the crankcase, Citroen has about 140 mm of ground clearance, and the overhangs are quite high. It is convenient to storm the curbs, but the rear parking sensors are still necessary for Citroen - the backward review is unimportant.

Ci230oen C-Elysee is the average representative of the class. It can be seen that working on this car for the talented people who created the avant-garde line of DS models was a "role of resistance".

Therefore, they did not strain too much, having made a car from a set of stamps.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

But they did it well. Only now we were five years late. Logan, Solaris, Rio and Polo Sedan have already bought almost everyone who wanted to do it. The reputation of these machines has been formed, most buyers are satisfied with the reliability and service, they are used to the prices. So why do we need the same, for the same money, only with a different badge?

Realized for three.</p><p> Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

Roman Zubko

Columnist and photographer of the Kolesa portal. Ru

Like any avid summer resident, he cannot imagine a normal day off without going out into nature.

And since the road to his house in the village can only be called such a stretch, he was asked to assess the "cross-country" and passenger capacity of the C-Elysee.

A couple of years ago, while on a business trip in Surgut, I talked with a local engineer engaged in the production and sale of all-terrain vehicles of my own design. Together with fellow journalists, we even took a ride on one of his snow and swamp-going vehicles along the frozen bed of the Pochechuyka River and the surrounding forests.

Passage of the device - who would have doubted! - impressed. But the appearance, ergonomics, comfort and quality of finish, to put it mildly, raised questions.

We immediately asked them to the creator of the all-terrain vehicle, and he expressed a very wise, if you think about it, thought in response: "The priorities are different in the taiga !..."

Having traveled to the village on the Ci236oen C-Elysee and drove through the autumn mudsliness, I was once again convinced of the correctness of the Surgut designer. The same car can be perceived in completely different ways depending on where you drive it.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

In the city and on a good country road, mostly "shoals" are striking.

The plastic in the cabin is cheap to look and feel, the microclimate control unit evokes associations with AvtoVAZ products, and the large "twist" in the center of the radio suddenly turned out to be ... a radio frequency adjustment knob.

It seems that no one in Ci242oen thought about making the 4.

4 meter long car comfortable for a tall driver. I, with my height of 193 cm, had to sit, propping up the steering wheel with my feet.

After the first 50 km of the journey, the left knee ached so much that I had to stop and warm up. And it takes me almost two hundred miles to go from home to the village. I will never believe that the driver's seat sled could not have been made a couple of centimeters longer! You can - if you wish .


But as soon as you move from the good asphalt to the bumpy one, and from it - to the primer, as all claims to the Citroen interior designers were literally left behind. And gave way to admiration for the work of suspension engineers.

The C-Elysee drove down the rural lane, soggy after the autumn rains, so that I wanted to get out of the car and once again make sure: is it really a passenger car or is it a crossover? Where my neighbors are forced to whisper in first gear, I calmly turned on second.

And on a relatively flat gravel area he became completely insolent.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

And never once did the French sedan show me his displeasure: he did not strike a bumper or protection anywhere , the suspension stroke is not chosen. Only the rear beam rattled warningly a couple of times. But this is more a matter of comfort than the energy intensity of the suspension.

Where have the "shoals" gone? Yes, nowhere. It's just that the priorities have changed.

Is plastic cheap and tough? But it is non-staining and washes-cleaned once or twice. Is it uncomfortable in the driver's seat? But on my own I can fit without any problems. And the pedals are well spaced relative to each other: you can sit behind the wheel even in felt boots.

And if I am asked whether C-Elysee is suitable for a Russian summer resident or not, I will boldly answer: it is suitable! With only one proviso: this summer resident must live not in one of the two capitals, but in the provinces. And not to have grenadier growth.

Otherwise, even on the way to the dacha, a change of priorities may not happen ...

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.</p><p>6 MT

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

Alexander Korobchenko

Browser of the Kolesa portal. Ru

The first of the editorial staff got behind the wheel of the test C-Elysee - when he was driving the car from Moscow to St. Petersburg. He had to answer the question whether the "Frenchman" is suitable for a car traveler.

I like the way the Ci248oen C-Elysee looks like. Among the inexpensive sedans, there are prettier cars, but the brightest of them still cannot come to Russia. And of those that exist, the Ci254oen, in my opinion, is the most stylish. But on the highway, I don't care how others perceive me. Moreover, the silvery "Frenchman" quickly lost its former attractiveness because of the mud from under the wheels of the trucks.

The driver's seat in the C-Elysee is much less than for passengers in the back. The landing is uncomfortable, the relief of the chair presses on the thoracic spine, and the knees are about to touch the steering wheel. I had to stop often to warm up.

I did not notice the advantages of high ground clearance and energy-intensive suspensions on the track. Probably because the M10 highway has finally begun to resemble a normal intercity highway, and there are not so many places left where you can lose the tire.

My colleagues and I already know each hole "by sight". Therefore, the Russian adaptation will come in handy on worse roads. And on good highways Ci260oen C-Elysee does not annoy, but also does not perform feats.

On track 1. A 6-liter engine requires more than it gives the driver.

Unaccustomed, I spent a very long time gasping and experimenting with the moment of switching, trying to guess the "relief" of the moment curve. Moreover, the clutch pedal is soft and kind of wadded. To overtake the truck was a simple matter, but two were already more difficult. Did I feel confident in the Eliza with frequent overtaking? Not really ..


However, Ci266oen ​​C-Elysee also left positive memories. For example, about fuel consumption. In those rare moments, when the flow was traveling 90 km / h, the flow meter on the display showed about 6 liters. Story! If you are not in a hurry, the average fuel consumption can be kept at the level of 7 liters per "hundred", and the path between the capitals can be overcome without intermediate refueling.

Realized for three. Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT

And I was also pleased with the presence of a USB port and a convenient steering wheel control panel for radio tape recorder - I had the same one in Peugeot 407.

You flip the tracks, change the volume (for example, when your partner fell asleep), without being distracted from the road, but simply by feeling the right key.

The Ci272oen is quite suitable for short distances, especially between home and work. Frisky up to 80 km / h, economical and good inside and out. But for avid auto travelers, I would not recommend buying the C-Elysee. There are more interesting cars for the track.

Brief technical characteristics of Ci278oen C4 Sedan

Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 4 427 x 1 748 x 1 466
Unladen weight, kg 1 165
Ground clearance, mm 140
Trunk volume, l 506
Fuel tank volume, l 50
Engine gasoline, 1.6 L, 115 HP with.
Transmission mechanical, 5-speed
Drive front
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 9.4
Maximum speed, km / h 188
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 6.5

Realized for three.</p><p> Test drive Citroen C-Elysee 1.6 MT


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