Prices For Renault Duster And Logan Have Become Higher

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Prices for Renault Duster and Logan have become higher
  PortalWheels. RUpreviously reported that from November 15, prices for the Renault lineup in Russia will be increased. The most noticeable rise in price was for cars, the production of which is not localized in our country. 

The second generation Renault Logan in the basic configuration now costs 365,000 rubles, which is 10,000 rubles more than before. Other configurations of the sedan also became more expensive.

New in RussiaLoganpresented with two engine options - 82 and 102 hp. with. The transmission is only a 5-speed manual gearbox.

In the photo: the new Renault Logan.

Price forLoganin the old body increased by 6,000 rubles for a complete set withmechanics(from 355,000 rubles), the version with an automatic transmission has risen in price by 7,000 rubles - from 431,000 rubles.

All configurations of the new generation Renault Sandero hatchback have become 11,000 rubles more expensive. ..Five-doorin the basic configuration, from now on, you will not be able to buy it cheaper than 491,000 rubles. The composition of the line of enginesSanderothe same as the new oneLoganexcept for the 75-horsepower motor with a volume of 1.

2 liters.

The price of Renault Sandero Ste51way remains the same - from 510,000 rubles for the basic version.

In the photo: the new Renault Sandero.

Previously basic configurationDusterwith front-wheel drive, 102-horsepower engine and manual transmission cost 492,000 rubles. Now it costs 2,000 rubles more.

If we talk about the same version of the performance with the same power unit, but with a 4x4 drive, then the price tag differs by 13,000 rubles. The price increase by 13,000 rubles affected all trim levels, with the exception of one - Adventure (2.0 liters, 135 hp, manual transmission, 4x4), which went up by 14,000 rubles.

Renault Koleos crossover has risen in price, depending on the configuration, by 52,000 - 90,000 rubles. Moreover, 90,000 rubles were thrown over the basic configuration, which can be bought for 1,149,000 rubles.

The price of the Renault Fluence sedan has grown by 6,000 - 17,000 rubles, depending on the version. Prices for Renault Megane hatchback have increased by 12,000 - 14,000 rubles.

The price tag for the Renault Latitude business-class sedan was not rewritten, it is still available at a cost of 999,000 rubles.

Prices for Renault Duster and Logan have become higher

In the photo: Renault Clio RS Hot hatch is sold with a 200 hp engine and is the only member of the family ..

Clionew generation in Russia. The price increased by 2,000 rubles - from 1,122,000 rubles.

The basic version of the Renault Scenic compact van has risen in price by 44,950 rubles (from 943,950 rubles). The top-end configuration with a 138-horsepower engine and a CVT costs 52,000 rubles more than before (from 1,100,000 rubles).

Let us remind you that at the beginning of November Russian sales of the new Renault Master started.

Then the price for a front-wheel drive van with a short wheelbase and a low roof was 1,086,000 rubles. According to the new price list - from 1,133,000 rubles.


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