Nissan Builds New Plant For Navara

  • Nissan builds new plant for Navara
      For the production of a new generation of the global pickup Nissan Navara, which is known in a number of countries under the name Frontier, the Japanese opened the second factory in Thailand. 

    The project for the construction of the enterprise demanded investments from Nissan in the amount of $ 114 million. The plant with an area of ​​580,000 sq. M. m employ 2,000 workers, whose efforts will annually produce up to 150,000 Navara pickups of the twelfth generation.

    From Thailand, the cargo model is planned to be exported to 45 countries of the world, including Russia.

    Nissan builds new plant for Navara

    The first time Nissan Navara will be presented on the market with one-and-a-half (King Cab) and double (Double Cab) cabins. The line of power plants includes an upgraded 2.5-liter diesel engine and a gasoline unit of the same volume. The first engine, more economical than the old modification (by 11%), develops 163 (403 Nm) or 190 hp depending on the degree of boost.

    with. (450 Nm). The characteristics of the gasoline engine are currently not specified. A six-speed manual transmission and a seven-speed one are provided for the pickupautomatic .

    In Thailand, the cost of a new Nissan Navara ranges from $ 17,760 to $ 20,262.

    Nissan builds new plant for Navara


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