New Vw Golf Heralds The Era Of Hybrid Installations

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    New VW Golf heralds the era of hybrid installations
      Insiders say that the eighth generation of the Golf will be equipped with a hybrid system with 48-volt battery and petrol subcompact engine. The strategy is expected to pay off in the US market, where VW's ambitions are in the sectorclean dieseldoomed to defeat due to the emission falsification scandal. 

    It is assumed that the installation will include a new liter gasoline turbo engine with an electric supercharger, as well as a combined starter-generator, which is connected to the crankshaft pulley by a belt and can the need to add traction. The opposite is also possible - when the crankshaft spins the generator when braking, and the stored energy is used to drive the turbocharger. The voltage is supplied by a 48-volt lead-acid battery.

    In the photo: Volkswagen Golf GTE S42ort - 400 hp hybrid version of the hatchback, created as a concept

    Volkswagen often reproached for the inflated cost of cars. The company, obviously, decided to listen and make the next Golf somewhat cheaper due to the fact that the hybrid installation works onsoftprinciple - there is no full-fledged electric motor that would provide the possibility of movement without an internal combustion engine. Also, the cost will be reduced by the available lead-acid battery. The purchase price will be lower, but what about the renovation? So far the question.

    New VW Golf heralds the era of hybrid installations

    The engine compartment of the current VW Golf GTE.

    The power plant is 204 liters. with. , and on electric traction the hatch can travel up to 50 kilometers. The hybrid Golf of the current generation has not yet reached Russia, but was presented in mid-October at the International Electricity Forum. Perhaps the company is testing the ground for the development of a hybridization plan for the domestic market.

    Recall that at the end of 2021 Volkswagen is planning to start production of a new mid-size SUV. The company announced this officially. It is possible that the novelty will also have hybrid modifications.


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