New Volkswagen Polo Expected On The Market By 2021

  • New Volkswagen Polo expected on the market by 2021
      Within the next two years, Germany's largest automaker expects to complete development the new generation of the Polo hatchback. 

    The Volkswagen concern intends to turn Polo from a ladies' man into a solid car, which will be noticed not only by the fair sex, but also by men. According to Autobild, citing its own sources, the next generation Polo body will be made in a sporty style: a flat roof, expressive stampings on the sidewalls, heavily littered front pillars,muscularwheel arches.

    The increase in the army of Volkswagen Polo fans, according to the developers, will be facilitated by the appearance of new body modifications and a long wheelbase for models of this class. It is reported that the manufacturer will offer consumers, for example,all-terrainPolo variant and body modelroadster.


    The line of Volkswagen Polo power plants, according to rumors, will include gasoline engines in the power range from 95 to 231 hp. with. and 1. 4-liter diesel engine, developing, depending on the degree of boost, 75, 90 and 105 liters.

    with. The engines will be mated to a manual transmission and a robotic dual-clutch transmission.


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