New Renault Duster For Russia Can Be Bought At The Price Of The Old One

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    New Renault Duster for Russia can be bought at the price of the old one
      Renault Duster crossover in During the renovation process, it received an upgraded engine line, modern equipment and a new off-road design. 

    Renault promised that the updated version of the Duster will go on sale in mid-July 2021, while the car will receive the price tag of its predecessor, that is, the cost of the new item starts at 584,000 rubles - for so much you can buy a front-wheel drive crossover with a 1.6-liter engine with 114 horsepower.

    In the photo: the exterior of the updated Renault Duster

    The price of the updated Duster varies from 584,000 to 905,000 rubles. Renault Duster, the assembly of which has already started at the company's Moscow plant, is equipped in a front-wheel-drive version with a new 1.

    6-liter gasoline engine, which is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. The same engine, but combined with a six-speed rangemechanicsavailable forfour-wheel drive. . An upgraded two-liter petrol version (143 hp) with a manual or automatic transmission to choose from and a new one and a half liter will be offeredturbodiesel109 liters. with.

    with record low fuel consumption.

    The updated Duster already in the basic version will receive the Renault Start remote engine start system, which will allow you to safely start and warm up the engine, provide a comfortable temperature in the cabin before driving. The equipment also includes a heated windshield, a rearview camera, cruise control and a new generation Media Nav multimedia navigation system with a seven-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB / AUX and speakerphone.

    In the photo: the interior of the updated Renault Duster

    Appearance has changed due to other headlights with built-in daytime running lights, rear lanterns with an original pattern, modified bumpers and roof rails, a new radiator grill, as well as stylish 16-inch alloy wheels. Also on the list of innovations is an exclusive colorKhaki.

    . The salon, in turn, received new comfortable anatomical seats, a steering wheel with cruise control buttons and a speed limiter; the interior also boasts a new dashboard with white backlighting.

    Since the start of sales in March 2021, more than 220,000 Dusters have been sold in Russia, and about 1,400,000 crossovers have been sold worldwide for the entire time of its presence on the market. As a reminder, the model retained its position as the segment leader in Russia at the end of 2021, but started in 2021hand over positions. , the reason for this is the waning popularity, as well as the price tag inflated due to currency surges.

    However, the current update could correct the downturn in consumer interest.


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