New Photo Of Lada Xray Body From Production Posted On The Web

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    New photo of Lada Xray body from production posted on the Web
      By Internet pages startedgo for a walka new snapshot of the welded body of the future AVTOVAZ novelty - the Lada Xray crossover. The first body was created at the Togliatti enterprise on March 12, 2021, the model will be launched into series on December 15 of this year. 

    NewExclusive photo of Lada Xray body on B0postedLada Xray Club. . The site notes that this body is one of those that have already been welded from March 12 to the present day at the Togliatti plant of the AVTOVAZ company.

    Recall that another expected novelty - Lada Vesta - will be launched into the series a little earlier - on September 25, 2021, its release will be set up at the Izhevsk plant, owned by the concern.

    New photo of Lada Xray body from production posted on the Web

    inch. In the range of Lada Xray engines there are three options: two of them with a volume of 1.6 liters, one - 1.8 liters.

    The first VAZ-21129 engine, as well as the version from the Renault-Nissan alliance, will be paired with a manual transmission, the third engine (VAZ-21179) will be aggregated with AMT.

    The first photo of the welded body of IxRae appeared on the web yesterday. Website Wheels. RUalso reported that the assembly of the first Lada Xray using serial technology is scheduled for the last month of this summer. Probefor summer tests, will be assembled in April, and will be launched into production in mid-December , which means that at the beginning of next year the official dealers of the brand will already start receiving the first cars.

    AVTOVAZ President Bo Andersson recently announced new prices for Xray. Based on the current exchange rate, the price tag of the model should vary from 500,000 to 600,000 rubles .

    In the photo: Lada Xray Concept


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