New Mercedes-Benz Glc Retired Glk

  Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the successor to the GLK. The new SUV turned out to be not only attractive in appearance, but also offer passengers more space and comfort. 

So the world premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC took place, which will help you forget the chopped GLK like a bad dream. The mid-size SUV is no longer just a scout that has traveled hundreds of miles off-road, but a front-line hardened conqueror of impassable terrain. True, psuitWith this tailoring, it is very difficult to believe that the GLC is capable of anything more than polishing the asphalt in the stone jungle of the city.

New Mercedes-Benz GLC retired GLK

The drag coefficient - 0. 31 Cd can be called fantastic. Mercedes says this is a new benchmark for the segment. Let's take your word for it.

The weight of the model has been reduced by 80 kilograms compared to its predecessor.

This is a decent result, considering that the GLC has a b o larger wheelbase (+118 mm) and dimensions, a richer list of equipment.

By the way, about the dimensions of the novelty: length - 4,656 mm (+120 mm), width - 1,890 mm (+50 mm), height - 1,639 mm (+9 mm). The luggage compartment has grown by 50 liters to 1,600 liters with the seats folded down. The length and width of the cargo area have also increased.

In the photo: Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 d

Not sure if it's a revelation that it's new The GLC will be available with a 38lug-in hybrid powertrain.

.. Nevertheless, SUVs are gradually taking the path of struggle for blue skies and green forests. The Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 e 4Matic is equipped with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor with a capacity of 211 and 116 hp, respectively. with.

Until the firsthundredsthe hybrid GLC accelerates in 5.9 seconds and has an electric range of up to 34 kilometers. Range data, by the way, are only preliminary so far.

In the photo: Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 e 4Matic

New Mercedes-Benz The GLC will also be available with a 211bhp petrol engine (GLC 250 version), as well as 170bhp and 204bhp diesels. with.

All versions are all-wheel drive (the distribution of torque along the axles is 45% to the front, the remaining 55% to the rear axle) and are equipped with an automatic transmission 9G-Tronic (the hybrid is equipped with 7G-Tronic Plus).

The new GLC will be available with Air Body Control, an ad that Jaguar has tried to ridicule. The offer will be unique to the segment. The multisensor system allows you to literally not feel the bumps on the road, instantly damping vibrations and adjusting to the road surface. You can even try to throttle on an SUV like on a sports car - the suspension has a mode with a decrease in clearance by 15 mm andoakshock absorbers.

The list of electronic security systems is familiar for the C-, E- and S-Class models. And yes, now the new GLC is packed with cameras and sensors cooler than the Gokhran of Russia. If Bond were German, he would have chosen a Mercedes. The Mercedes-Benz GLC is packed with driving assistance systems: tracking lane markings, lane traffic, road signs, rear collision and collision warnings, trackingdeadzones, all-round view, head-up display.

Recall that in 2021 Mercedes will present the GLC Coupe - a competitor to the BMW X4.

A concept version of the cross-coupe debuted this spring. The serial model will be built on the same platform as today's debutantcartC-Class.


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