New Chevrolet Cruze: Based On Camaro

  June showed the world a new generation of the car, which in the previous version accounted for a considerable share of the brand's sales (or rather, was the flagship of world sales), including in Russia. However, if then he was a "citizen of the world" in the sense that he was sold everywhere with the same appearance, now the Cruze is a "two-faced" car, but not in a bad sense of the word. Let's see how Chevrolet is going to attract customers in more than 40 countries around the world (we've already heard this number somewhere). 

Outside - everything is new

When you look at the new Cruze, you can quickly and unmistakably understand that it is Chevrolet in front of you, of course, if you are familiar with the rest of the brand's lineup. There is also something from the Chevrolet Volt, and Malibu features in the layout of the taillights, and the head lighting technology is similar to that of the new Camaro in terms of the presence of the main "spotlight", bordered from below by an arc of running lights.

Chevrolet is not good for similarity alone. The model has become much more aggressive and more interesting in general - the car has become more squat, "pressed" to the ground (and not only visually - the height has really decreased by 25 mm), the outlines have become smoother and more rapid (and this contributed to a decrease in the drag coefficient Cx to 0 , 29), and the increase in length by almost 7 centimeters gave 5 of them to the rear passengers (thanks for this is the new "Jem" platform D2XX).

New Chevrolet Cruze: based on Camaro

"In profile" two pronounced arcs are clearly visible: the first "ridge" rose above the front arch, passing to it from bonnet, and the second arc, smooth and almost straightened, connects the first with the taillights. Separately, it is worth highlighting the front bumper with the "mouth" of a large false radiator grille and the rear bumper, which was also not deprived of attention by the designers, giving it pleasant curves and not just sticking reflective elements on it, but inscribing them into these same curves. By the way, if you take a closer look at the bumpers, namely the painted part, then here you can also find light "X-motifs", like in the Lada X-Ray and Mitsubishi Outlander.

But the key word is "light".

Among the less exciting and "tangible" innovations, which, nevertheless, have a great effect on the characteristics of the car, it is worth noting an increase in body rigidity by almost a third (!), As well as a decrease in the total weight by more than a centner - all this, being just letters on paper, sounds rather boring, but when driving, the rigidity of the body comes around with more accurate and confident handling, and in the event of an accident - much greater chances of a successful outcome. There is nothing to say about saving weight - just imagine that you dropped a hefty unfamiliar man weighing 113 kilograms out of the car (it is not known how he got there ...

): will it go easier?

What's under the hood?

And under the hood, everything is pretty interesting: old engines are giving way to new ones. So, the main one should be a 1.4-liter turbocharged unit, producing, however, quite a decent 153 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. And it also accelerates to a hundred in about 80 (kidding, 8) seconds and consumes less than 6 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. What else does a modern consumer need?

Is that diversity.

And it is also here: the turbo engine will be accompanied by a 1.5-liter "aspirated", producing 113 liters. with. and 146 Nm - more modest, but smoother (in the sense, without dependence on the turbine). Both petrol engines are from the Ecotec family, which GM says is a clean slate that takes the company's expertise to the next level.

The family is modular, that is, it allows "inexpensive", within the same technological concept to make engines with a different number of cylinders, their diameter and piston stroke.

Progressive design: aluminum block, aluminum block head, integrated exhaust manifold, which allows to reduce weight, efficient variable displacement oil pump (maintains uniform oil pressure in the system at different speeds - until recently it was the prerogative of premium powerful cars), oil nozzles for piston cooling and much more ... And also, much later (by 2021), a new "whispering" 1.

6-liter turbodiesel should appear in the United States, already successfully tested in Europe on the O39el line .

Engines must be equipped with gearboxes, and they are in the new Cruze too. There are two of them, and both are six-speed: a manual (M32 series) and a new automatic transmission 6T35 of the Hydra-Matic family of GM's own production. Note, classic fluid mechanics, no double-clutch robots and CVTs. And again, modular design: 6T35 is a reduced copy of larger boxes with indexes 40, 45 and 50, designed for motors of higher power.

By the way, we were cheating a little when we said that there are two available gearboxes - the atmospheric engine will be equipped with a five-speed "mechanics", but it is "things of the past", and there is no novelty in this box.

Everything inside is also new

It's worth starting with what is visible to the naked eye: the interior design of the new Cruze has taken a qualitative step forward. The fabric inserts are a thing of the past along with the round air ducts, giving way to leather and more graceful trapezoidal chrome elements of the climate system. Chromium on the panel has generally become noticeably more: it is on the air ducts, and on the "knobs" of climate control and multimedia, and on the door handles, and around the instrument scales, and in the design of the steering wheel, and in the edging of the gearshift lever - and it blended quite organically into the big picture, because in addition to it, glossy inserts in the center of the dashboard and on the checkpoint tunnel "bring shine".

New Chevrolet Cruze: based on Camaro

New Chevrolet Cruze: based on Camaro

The gearshift lever, by the way, walks in a straight line , and for manual gear shifting got the buttons "+" and "-" on the upper edge - a solution similar to that of the Ford both in implementation and in controversial ergonomics.

But the ergonomics of the steering wheel is unlikely to displease anyone: besides the fact that it has become very pleasant to look at, it also acquired blocks of buttons located on a common "platform" - dirt and dust will not clog under the buttons. And the almost triangular center hub, which is mostly aesthetic, just looks good. By the way, the "tides" in the grip points on the steering wheel are not as pronounced as it is fashionable to do recently - maybe it's for the best.

But the most exciting thing about the salon is not immediately apparent. To do this, you need to go to the menu on the central seven-inch touchscreen, get out your iPhone or Android-gadget (sorry, Windows Phone owners) and boldly connect to the car's multimedia! For the built-in proprietary system MyLink, full support for A6772le Play and Android Auto is declared, that is, your smartphone can become its full-fledged continuation.

Moreover, a larger, eight-inch screen is also available for ordering (although support for Android Auto is still under development for it). But there is more than one screen in the cabin - a 4.2-inch color display is located on the dashboard, which also serves as an on-board computer.

And not only screens are designed to surprise the buyer. The built-in multimedia system also has the option of accessing the Internet, and not just via 3G, but via 4G LTE.

In addition, the received Internet can be distributed to 7 devices via Wi-Fi - now you do not need to go to McDonalds to conveniently work or "surf the World Wide Web".

Vehicle safety is no exception to the overall positive trend. In addition to the aforementioned increased body rigidity, as many as 10 airbags and a rear-view camera are already promised as standard. In addition, the Cruze received a set of electronic assistants that include a side blind spot tracking system, a lane departure warning system, a collision avoidance system and a tracking system for vehicles approaching from the side when leaving a parking space in the back.

New Chevrolet Cruze: based on Camaro

And now - about the sad

Well, you've already started smash your piggy banks and turn out mattresses in search of treasured savings? In vain.

The model presented recently in Detroit, although it is intended to enter 40 countries, will almost certainly bypass Russia. And it's not even about GM's general withdrawal from our market - they have already announced that they are considering the possibility of returning with a positive trend.

The point is trite that another version of the Chevrolet Cruze was presented for the Chinese market in the spring of 2021, and to say that it differs from the American is to say nothing. The front is a cross between Ford Focus and Renault Fluence, and from the sideā€¦ from the side it is just some kind of car, without any pronounced stylistic features. And although engines 1.

4 and 1.5 are also available for it, automatic transmissions (including even a robotic seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, developed jointly with the Chinese holding SAIC), and the interior is almost completely identical to the American one, one of the key features is a cool design - he doesn't.

New Chevrolet Cruze: based on Camaro

Last year's Chinese Cruze

Equipment ( at least in the basic configuration) is not so generous - neither the rear-view camera, nor the curtain airbags, nor even the fog lamps are anymore options available in the initial version of the car.

And prices in China are not too encouraging - from 970,000 to 1,500,000 rubles at the exchange rate, which, to put it mildly, is somewhat more than what we are used to seeing on our price tags. However, the issue of price in comparison with China is far from decisive and not the main one.

The main thing is whether you are ready to wait for the normalization of the situation, the return of GM and, most importantly, accept the fact that the Cruze, hypothetically capable of one day entering our market, is likely to be Chinese.


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