Lifan Has Reduced Prices For Cars In Russia Until The End Of The Year

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    Lifan has reduced prices for cars in Russia until the end of the year
      Favorable purchase offer Lifan cars cover almost the entire model range of the brand, the maximum discount can be up to 116,000 rubles. 

    The only car that does not participate in the promotionNew Year's moodannounced by a Chinese manufacturer is the Lifan X50. Recall that the crossover is in significant demand and is nowa hard-to-find item. . Discounts for the rest of the brand's lineup will last until December 31 of this year.

    Benefit when buying a 2021 Lifan X60 crossover - 77 255-87 697 rubles. The discount for updated cars, depending on the configuration, will be from 19 320 to 22 122 rubles. The price list of the model is in the range of 529,990-689,900 rubles.

    Lifan Cebrium, which rolled off the assembly line in 2021, became cheaper by 114,305-115,485 rubles by the end of 2021. The suggested retail price for this version ranges from 584,900 to 624,900 rubles.

    The 2021 Lifan Solano sedan fell in price by 51,075-73,715 rubles, in 2021 - by 71,945-83,272 rubles, and in 2021 - by 71,207-82,535 rubles. The price tag of the new Solano ranges from 499,900 to 579,900 rubles. Versions that rolled off the assembly line last year can be bought for 439,900-519,900 rubles, the year before last - 439,900-494,900 rubles.

    Cellya cars produced in 2021 are now sold at a discount of 50 190-53 567 rubles, in 2021 - 51 075-54 452 rubles. According to the price list, cars cost 479,900-549,900 rubles and 509,900-579,900 rubles, respectively.

    The compact hatchback Lifan Smily can also be purchased at a discount of 35 765-37 977 rubles (for the 2021 version) and 35 912-38 567 rubles (for the 2021 version). The recommended retail price of a car produced last year is 389,900-464,900 rubles, and cars that have rolled off the assembly line this year can be bought from 395,900 to 484,900 rubles.

    Next week, Lifan will start selling discount coupons for new cars of the brand via the Internet. The Chinese manufacturer plans to sell the machines online through the AliExpress platform, and the company will also subsequently offer original parts and specialized online services.


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