Lexus Rx350: 70 "horses" More Comfortable

The new Lexus RX350 did not want to drive more than 180 kilometers per hour. He was shaking and feverish. The car slowed down and stopped responding to the gas pedal for a moment ...

its existence is no more than 12 kilometers! He still had to run in, and it is highly discouraged to drive during this period. And in general, is it necessary? ". Externally, the car does not differ from the "three hundred and thirtieth", and changes in the interior are reduced to the emergence of a powerful and expensive audio system Mark Levinson, previously available only as an option.

Lexus RX350: 70

Lexus RX350: 70

On the other hand, the increase in 70 horsepower could not but affect the behavior of the car, adding agility to it, and the driver - a mischievous light In eyes. It has also led to increased claims for new heights in the premium SUV class.

And the Lexus RX350 has all the necessary arsenal for this.

Everything in the interior is still luxurious, technological and comfortable. Leather chairs have a lot of adjustments and have memory for several seating options. The steering wheel, doors and center console are finished in lacquered wood (optional), in the middle of which is stylishly inscribed the audio and satellite navigation control screen. On the central tunnel is a (also lined with wood) box that can be moved back and forth.

By pressing the "O21en" button, its doors open like an elevator door, freeing up space for an ashtray or glasses.

With the advent of the new engine, Lexus RX did not become an "athlete", but you cannot reproach him for being slow and overly imposing either. From a set of speed does not catch my breath, but presses into the back of a leather chair as it should. Acceleration to 100 km / h Lexus RX350 takes as long as you need to take your time to read this sentence - 7.8 seconds.

It didn't work out how much he needed to accelerate to "two hundred": the electronic limiter interrupted all our efforts by light vibration and stopping the fuel supply at a speed of 180 km / h.

Lexus RX350: 70

Lexus RX350: 70

Lexus RX350: 70

In motion, Lexus behaves like a car carrying a VIP. He will not disturb those sitting inside with jerks when shifting gears; here you forget that the suspension can "make noise" or react with jerks to irregularities. Engine operation can only be seen from the tachometer needle, and vibrations are minimized by reinforced front and rear subframes. With intensive acceleration, the rustle of the engine does not turn into a hum, and you can talk in a whisper.

Except that not everyone will be able to outshout the powerful Mark Levinson audio system.

Lexus RX350: 70

Lexus RX350: 70

One of the tools for conquering Russian (and not only) motorists is front and rear air suspensions, which allow, without leaving the salon and without resorting to to the wrench, change the ride height. At the push of a button on the center console, the suspension mode can be selected between normal, high and low ride height.

In "Normal", moving at a speed of more than 100 km / h, the system will automatically lower the body by 8 millimeters. In low mode, "Low", the car can be lowered to the ground by 1.

5 centimeters, lowering the center of gravity and providing sharper handling. And off-road, when you have to move almost on a crawl, the increased mode, "High", will increase the ground clearance to a maximum of 21 centimeters, saving the bottom and bumpers from contact with the road relief.

Lexus RX350: 70

The steering / chassis interactions are tuned primarily for a comfortable ride. The reactions to the steering wheel actions are accurate and understandable, but slightly smoothed out, as if the information from the rack first passes through a couple of "extra" sensors, and only then is transmitted to the wheels. But that lag is felt just enough to tell the difference between the RX350 and the sports sedans.

You set yourself up for a measured and smooth ride - it delivers much more pleasure in the Lexus.

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