Lexus Es: Unidentified Flying

Lexus ES is not officially supplied to Russia. Because it does not fit into the framework of the class segmentation we are accustomed to. It sits between the size of the GS and LS sedans, the price between the IS250 and the GS 430, and feels like between an office sofa and a small plane.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Let's start with the mandatory facts. The Lexus ES350 is assembled at the Kyushu plant in Fukuoka on the Toyota Camry platform, which is superior in everything: from size to quality (and quantity) of equipment.

But if you sell one ES, you can buy two Camry ...

The authors see the ES350 as a premium mid-range sedan, which will have to compete with the Mercedes-Benz C350, Infiniti G35 and Jaguar X-Ty11e. We have always considered them to be rivals for the "younger" of the sedans - IS.

But for Russia, the latter is not equipped with 3.5-liter engines - we have to be content with only the version with the "250" index. In the end, we'll look at the ES as a midsize premium sedan ...

priced at around $ 70,000.

The ES is the first front-wheel drive Lexus in the current lineup. It is possible that this was another reason for the refusal to sell this model in the Russian Federation, because all the other Lexuses have either rear or all-wheel drive.

But even with front-wheel drive wheels, the ES does not lag behind its label brothers at all. The sedan accelerates briskly, stands steadily on an arc and lulls the driver to sleep with softness and smoothness of action.

You don't even need to take the key out of your pocket to start the engine. And turning it (key) imitation - as, for example, in the Porsche Cayenne - is also not necessary: ​​just press a button. It leads to a 272-horsepower V6 starter motor that accelerates the Lexus ES to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

The engine is equipped with a six-speed ECT-I automatic transmission, which is especially liked by its Sport mode, which the working range is maximum "up".

Gear shifting is instant, jerking is minimized; and the mood is getting better and better ...

I was especially pleasantly surprised by the efficiency3. 5-liter sedan: for the entire test, the arrow did not move.

According to the "passport", the city consumption is 11. 2 liters per hundred, but these figures are somehow hard to believe. It seems that in the city Lexus "eats" even less ...

Before turning, hands gripped the steering wheel: "The speed is decent, the bend is steep; God forbid, I can't resist!" But the ES's steering wheel turned out to be sharp as a scalpel, light as a feather and therefore boring, like a match in the Finnish curling championship. No effort was required, and the steering angle in the "snake" was scanty at all!



Lexus ES

Lexus GS

Lexus LS

Length , mm

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Width, mm





Height, mm





The ES350 has little to no heel despite the suspension being very soft and genuinely believes in the endlessness of smooth highways and interstates. Shock absorbers are often disappointing with bumps in holes and cracks. But it’s not the machine’s fault. Lexus brakes are also purely American: they stop confidently, but the effort is not enough.

Luxurious leather interior, where every little thing has its own electric drive - a visiting card of Lexus. But the ES does not overload the perception with an abundance of buttons: the interior was saved from the invasion of knobs and levers by a large touchscreen display on the center ellipsoidal console.

But the buttons are on the three-spoke steering wheel, trimmed with leather and mahogany. Without taking your hands off it, you can control the audio system, on-board computer and multifunction display. And for the reproduction of high-quality sound, the chic 300-watt Mark Levinson system with 13 high-class speakers is responsible.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

The driver's seat is adjustable in 10 directions. It's more comfortable than grippy. And rightly so - the hunt to drive was gone after the first 10 minutes. behind the wheel.

Lexus prides itself on its aerodynamic achievements.

And there is something: the ES index is equal to 0.28! These numbers are the envy of competitors, but perhaps the low-rise Japanese will appreciate the ES's streamlining from the inside.

We did not like how the pursuit of aerodynamics affected the cabin: because of the low roof, the tall driver will definitely knock his head on the ceiling, and in the rear seats, even of average height, passengers will have to sit hunched over.

The impressions after the Lexus ES350 were pleasant. Especially the lightness and ease of his actions sunk into the soul, completely discouraging him from running around like a burnt-out one.

At least, so it seemed to the driver of the car, without any problems gaining the first "hundred" in a little over 6 seconds.

The same lack of tension was taking apart the passengers, who were sprawled in their chairs (exactly, they had fallen apart. Otherwise, they would have hit the ceiling on every bump). So the "official" GS had an unofficial rival. With the same emblem, with big ambitions, but the truth is, so far without registration .


Doctor, they ignore me!

Models disappear from the American lines of those brands that officially come to Russia ...

The Lexus ES is just one of many. For various reasons, not all cars are brought to us. What are you deprived of the cape?

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Toyota hides from us a whole fleet of interesting cars - in almost all classes. These are the Aygo minicar, the Prius hybrid, the five-door Matrix, the Tacoma and Tundra pickups; SUVs 4Runner, Highlander and Sequoia ..

. However, it did not work well to hide: the "gray" dealers have learned to make up for their deficit quite well.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Honda . In addition to the entire line of the subsidiary Acura, Honda is not bringing its six varieties of Civic, a compact Fit, a Ridgeline pickup truck, an SUV Pilot and an Element to Russia.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Infiniti not so long ago came to Russia - we were lucky to become the first country in Europe.

But the supply did not fully match the demand. The big SUV QX56 and the iconic G-class sports coupe are still not on sale. However, the sedan with the same index (G) has already crossed the ocean, and it is possible that the two-door version will also find its way to us.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Ford Motor Com194any has no luck in Europe in general and in Russia in particular, most of the models that are successfully sold in America: large Fusion sedans, F- pickups Series, Mustang coupes and convertibles, Su198er Duty pickups, Taurus midsize sedans, Edge crossovers and E-Series minibuses.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Mitsubishi still doesn't want to drive the Ecli207se.

True, not only to us, but to Europe in general. Just like the Endeavor midsize SUV and the Raider pickup. In America, by the way, for obvious reasons, the L200 is not sold - the "Ryder" more suitable for their market (nominated for several awards in 2006 in the USA) is equipped with a 4.7-liter gasoline V8 ..


Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

Chevrolet can be considered the leader in "non-imported" cars: its line is strikingly different from European and Russian. In our country, these are mostly "redesigned" Daewoo (with the exception of large SUVs), they have a whole range of models developed by GM: Malibu sedans, Cobalt sedans and coupes, Impala sedans, Monte Carlo coupes, Corvette supercar, HHR "retro car", Equinox crossover, Silverado, Colorado, Avalanche pickups, Uplander minivans, Express minibuses, Suburban big SUV ...

By the way, the new generation of the Tahoe SUV will probably not be brought to Russia either.

Lexus ES: Unidentified flying

But Chrysler hides almost nothing from us. Town minivan only. & Country is marketed in Europe under the name Voyager; there is no Sebring convertible in Russia, and there is also no Pacifica minivan.


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