Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive And Impressions

"Buddy get ready, after the test drive there will be depression. It will be hard to wean from him."

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

With these words, my friend handed this car over to me for a test drive. Two days with the new Range Rover Velar.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

New or slightly new? Land Rover has unveiled its new model claiming that this particular car will become a trendsetter in the automotive world.

A model that is not like other models, a model that stands out from the crowd. All this, the new Range Rover Velar.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

Form. "White, completely white, so hot." When I got a white car for a test drive, I was already in the mood that outwardly I would not be delighted with it.

I do not like white cars, so this one was expecting with a slight bias, but seeing it "live", I realized that I was very mistaken. White Velar with black details looks very stylish, rough and solid. The front grille, bonnet and bumper accentuate its styling, while the headlights are eye-catching. Driving on it, I constantly felt the views of others, and the owners of expensive cars.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions


When opening a heavy door (and I love heavy doors, especially in my 2nd generation Range Rover S24ort), sitting comfortably, 3 things are thrown at once. First. no no, these are not the two monitors that everyone is talking about. This is the steering wheel. The most beautiful steering wheel I have ever seen.

It is just so beautiful and graceful that you are afraid to touch it with unwashed hands. The second is two touch monitors.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

We have already seen hundreds of videos about them on YouTube, but I will say one thing - they really fit well into the interior design concept. Comfortable, elegant, modern. Of course, we will have to get used to some of the tricks, but new technologies force us to change our stereotypes and habits.

Third. denim salon. In the model on the test drive, the salon is "leather", but in the salon I was sitting in the "denim" salon and would definitely take it for myself. It fits very well there.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

About technologies.

Here you can describe everything in one word - ultramodern. The air suspension is, as always, at a height, though it only comes with a 3.0 liter engine ", a large number of chips help to drive on the road, which I usually don't even pay attention to. I am one of those people who are not surprised by automatic control , lane detection, I only respect the signal showing overtaking. If you have an A3739le Watch, and I gave them to my daughter, then with their help you can start the car, turn it off or just open / close.

Convenient? Convenient. But without keys anyway you will go, because who will drive such a car without additional satellite signaling, which means that you have to carry the tablet with you in your pocket.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

About engines. from 2 and 3-liter gasoline or diesel engines.I would not even look at the 2-liter, but only at the 3-liter diesel, for me personally it is ideal in terms of price-convenience-quality.

300 horses run quickly and are easy to control.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

What's wrong? In any car you can find what you like and what you don't. It's hard to find fault with anything in this car. Personally, I have a little bit of space in the back, but this is for me, since my height is 1. 95m.

Do not forget that it will not be easy for everyone to get used to new technologies. I'm an iPhone user, so I'm already used to some inconveniences and limitations as opposed to the iPhone's design, and that's how it will have to be. When you start the car, you need to wait about 20 seconds until the two monitors start fully working, and only then can you turn on the air conditioning or heating functions you need. You have to get used to it.

Land Rover Velar Rapid Test: Drive and Impressions

The price of the question! Prices start at 3.

9 million rubles and end at the limit of your wishes around 7.2 million. At the time of the test drive, dealers gave the first buyer a special F52rst Edition version for 7 million. Really cool car. But is it necessary? If you are the wife of a football player, then most likely yes.

Yourself? Someone likes a square house, someone classic, and someone futuristic. The Land Rover Velar is the car I was really thinking about. Just one problem, when choosing my 2nd generation Range Rover Sport and the new Velar, I choose Sport.



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