Land Rover Defender Sales In Russia Are Discontinued

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    Land Rover Defender sales in Russia are discontinued
      Defender SUVs will no longer be imported into Russia - British the automaker Land Rover said this without giving reasons for its decision. To date, official dealers have 168 cars available for purchase. 

    The famous British automaker Land Rover, having announced the termination of sales of the Defender SUV in Russia, declined to explain the reasons for its decision. The model appeared on our market in 2001 and over the past 13 years has sold 4,452 copies. To date, the Russian official dealers of the brand have 168 leftDefenderswhich are available for purchase.

    Land Rover Defender sales in Russia are discontinued

    Of the 168 Land Rover Defenders remaining in Russia, 55 have a special modification of the Union Flag with stickers in the form of the British Hood and door flag

    Land Rover Defender Union Flag limited to two wheelbases of the SE version (90 and 110) and is available in Fuji White (90 SW SE and 110 SW SE) andmetallicSantorini Black (110 SW SE). Even more unique is the Black Pack, which includes Heavy Duty Gloss Black steel wheels, Ebony headlining, Gloss Black headlight surround; the radiator grille, contrast roof, wheel arches, dashboard and grille surround will be in Santorini Black.

    You can buy the remaining off-road vehicles in Russia for an amount from 1.75 million rubles to 2 million, which are asked for an option in the backpickup. .

    The current version of the Land Rover Defender is equipped with a 2.2-liter diesel engine, which is capable of producing 122 liters. with. power and 360 Nm of maximum torque and is paired with a manual gearbox.

    By the way, the updated Land Rover Defender will be released in 2021.

    As the manufacturer promises, the new version will receive a more modern technical version than the current onestuffingand attractive design.


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