Lada Xray Again "spotted" Without Camouflage

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Lada Xray again
  AVTOVAZ continues testing the high hatchback on Togliatti roads. Less than a month is left before the start of production of new items. 

Fresh photos from the tests of the pre-production Lada Xray are posted on the VKontakte social network by a groupPatrol Togliatti. . A hatch in color hit the camera lensGlacial.

. The hatchback, developed in collaboration with the Renault-Nissan Alliance, is slated to start serial production on December 15, 2021. It will be produced in Togliattina of the "multi-brand" line B0. The new Lada will go on sale in February next year.

Lada Xray again

Lada Xray again

In the photo: serial appearance of Lada Xray

Recall that a new VAZ-21179 engine with a volume of 1.

8 liters will debut at Lada Xray, the production of which will start at AVTOVAZ in December. In the fall of 2021, this engine will fit under the hood of Lada Vesta,blew upInternet at the start of sales. The price for Lada Xray has not been announced and, most likely, the official price list will be waiting for a long time - until February. It is logical to assume that AVTOVAZ will hold an event similar to VestaNight.


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