Lada 4X4 Has Become More Affordable. Until October

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Lada 4x4 has become more affordable. Until October
  AvtoVAZ announced a campaign for the purchase of a domestically produced SUV, valid until the end of September. 

Off-road vehicles in a three-door version in all trim levels are subject to the action, the discount for which is 30 thousand rubles.

Thus, until the end of September, it will be possible to buy a Lada 4x4 for at least 334,500 rubles at the current price of 364,500 rubles, and a more expensive option worth 375,200 rubles this month is offered at 345,200 rubles.

Under the hood of the Russian vedorog is a 1. 7-liter gasoline engine, which is aggregated with a manual transmission. The standard Lada 4x4 includes a dynamic vibration damper, constant velocity joints, power steering and a diagonal brake circuit.

Coming soon oncountersLada 4x4 equipped with air conditioning, and in October AvtoVAZ will announce the start of sales of Lada 4x4 Urban.


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