Lada 4X4 Can Get Plastic Bumpers From Urbana

  Lada 4x4 Urban, production of which started this fall, is a kind of testing ground for solutions that may later appear on the regular version of Lada 4x4. It happened with the air conditioner, as the portal managed to find outWheels. RUcan happen with plastic bumpers. 

According to own informationWheels. RU.

, the issue of installing plastic bumpers on regular versions of the Lada 4x4 SUV is under consideration. Currently, plastic bumpers are suppliedurbanmodification - Lada 4x4 Urban, which premieres in Russian cities as part of an art runShow Russia. .

Lada 4x4 can get plastic bumpers from Urbana

In the photo: Lada 4x4 Urban assembly at the facilities of JSCProduction of special vehicles VIS-Auto. .


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