Kia Trail'ster Concept Was Created On The Basis Of "soul"

  CompanyKiapresented a new concept Trail. # 39; ster e-AWD based on the Soul urban crossover. The novelty has received a hybrid drive, which can be promising forSoula. . 

The world premiere of the new Kia Trail concept took place at the Chicago Auto Show.

# 39; ster - a hybrid crossover with an all-wheel drive system, underbody protection made of durable aluminum alloy and a soft roof made of waterproof canvas.

It embodies the idea of ​​a modern and capable of a lot of compact crossover for those who like to make excursions from the familiar urban environment in search of snow-covered areas in the mountains, unpaved roads, streams and waterfalls, mountain paths, - describe in Kianew Trail. # 39; ster. - Economical and lightweight Trail'ster is ideal for adventure seekers. .

Kia Trail'ster concept was created on the basis of

Compared to the serial Kia Soul, the ground clearanceTrailsterhas been increased by 65 mm

Kia Trail'ster concept was created on the basis of

The Trail'ster Concept is a glimpse into the not-too-distant future. This is a demonstration of how the Kia Soul can logically and intelligently get an all-wheel drive version, created to leave city streets and go on trips to the mountains, - said Tom Kearns, chief designer of the Kia Design Center of America. “This vehicle takes advantage of the all-wheel drive capabilities of an SUV and combines them with a compact and sporty appearance and a striking expressive design. .

Kia Trail'ster concept was created on the basis of

The external color scheme of the concept, as conceived by the designers, should remind of spring snow and dirt roads

Kia Trail'ster concept was created on the basis of

The power plant of the new concept car consists of a 1.

6-liter gasoline turbo engine with 185 hp. with. with a peak torque of 250 Nm, a 35-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle, a lithium-ion battery 1.2 kWh and a six-speedautomatic machine. .

The total power of the hybrid is 220 liters. with. and a torque of 386 Nm.

According to the company's calculations, if the Trail'ster will be mass-produced, then the fuel economy will be up to 25-30% in urban conditions and 5-10% when driving on the highway compared to a regular 2021 Kia Soul with a two-liter atmospheric gasoline engine.

Kia Trail'ster concept was created on the basis of

The roof of the Kia Trail'ster is a waterproof sheet that can be rolled up.

The fully removable roof has the added benefit of being lighter than a conventional roof, which helps to lower the center of gravity, provide better efficiency and dynamics. There are built-in roof rack mounts and cross-rails for taking mountain bikes or snowboards with you.

Kia Trail'ster concept was created on the basis of

In the Kia Trail interior trim. # 39; ster were used brown leather and decorative aluminum inserts.

We took high-quality winter sports equipment as a basis: snowboarder gloves, boots, helmets, and used these ideas to not only create a premium-level interior, but also play up the theme in a unique waycommented Chief Designer Tom Kerns.

WhenTrailsterwill appear in serial performance has not yet been reported. Recall that the premiere of the novelty was preceded by the teasers .

Let us remind you that in less than a month н another premiere of Kia will take place at the Geneva Motor Show - the concept car of the D-segment .


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