Kaluga Psma And Moscow Renault Plant Resumed Work

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Kaluga PSMA and Moscow Renault plant resumed work
  Two Russian auto enterprises left the long rest - the Kaluga plant for the production of cars of the brands Peugeot, Citroen and MitsubishiPSMA Rusand the company's metropolitan siteRenault Russia. . 

Two factories, whose employees produce French and Japanese foreign cars, today, March 10, 2021, resumed their work after a forced downtime. Recall that the conveyors were suspended as part of the anti-crisis measures to reduce costs. It is worth noting that during downtime, factories traditionally debug equipment and prepare production for the release of new models, if any are foreseen.

Kaluga PSMA and Moscow Renault plant resumed work

In particular, at the company's plantPSMA Rushas recently kicked off the serial launch of an updated version of the Mitsubishi Outlander, a crossover that will go on sale in April 2021, that is, after the novelty is officially unveiled at the premiere at the New York Motor Show. It should be reminded that Mitsubishi Pajero S48ort, Citroen C4 and Peugeot 408 are also assembled at the Kaluga site; its capacity is designed for an annual production of 125,000 cars.

The Moscow Renault plant has more distant plans for new products. In 2021, the company should start producing a model on the B0 platform, but details about what kind of car it will be have not yet been disclosed. The information became known at the 2021 Geneva Motor Show.

..Renault Russiain the capital produces several popular Renault models: Logan and Sandero of the first generation, Fluence and Duster, as well as Nissan Terrano. 188,000 cars can leave the assembly line of the plant annually.

Kaluga PSMA and Moscow Renault plant resumed work


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