Jeep Brings Two Exclusive Renegade Crossovers To Montreux Jazz Festival

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  • Jee30 will bring two exclusive Renegade crossovers to the Montreux Jazz Festival
Jeep brings two exclusive Renegade crossovers to Montreux Jazz Festival
  Jazz guitars inspired Jee34 and Garage Italia Customs to create a pair of crossovers with unique trims and bodies, painted in the style of handcrafted musical instruments. 

The world famous Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland is a unique opportunity to promote any product, and Jeep's marketers have decided not to pass up this opportunity. For the occasion, the wizards at Garage Italia Customs have transformed two Jeep Renegades, replicating a three-ton paint job for the electric-acoustic guitars. To do this, airbrushing specialists had to apply nine layers of paint and varnish.

Car showrooms were also purchasedjazz soundthanks to the combination of the finest leather finishes and denim.

The plastic elements of the dashboard were painted to match the body.

One of the initiators of this project was an American businessman of Italian origin Lapo Elkann, who has a long and fruitful cooperation with the FCA concern. For a long time he was engaged in the marketing of the Ferrari and Maserati brands, and since 2003 he worked as the Marketing Director of Fiat and led projects for the creation of new models of the Punto and Fiat 500. Let us remind you that the Italians presented the second generation the day before yesterdayfive hundred. , the predecessor of which has sold over 1,500,000 copies.


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