Hyundai Will Provide Nissan Juke With Another Competitor

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    Hyundai will provide Nissan Juke with another competitor
      The army of rivals of the popular crossover Nissan Juke on the world market for three years will be replenished with the next recruit. 

    About his desire to build a compact oneSUVsaid the South Korean concern Hyundai. Dave Zhukovski, executive director of the North American division of Hyundai, said that the competitor of Nissan Juke, aimed at youth audience, will take its place one step lower in the product line of the concernSUVix35. For obvious reasons, the brand representative did not provide information on the technical equipment of the future bestseller Hyundai.

    It is assumed that the car, in the design of which will use the stylistic solutions first tested on the Curb Crossover Conce34t show car, will be built on the Soul hatchback platform.

    The range of car engines will include petrol engines of 1. 4 and 1.6 liters. Model buyers will be able to choose between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission.

    According to Dave Zhukovski, the Hyundai product line includes a new crossoverwill be registeredby 2021.


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