Hyundai Sent 400 Thousand Solaris To Russian Roads

  • Hyundai sent 400 thousand Solaris to Russian roads
      A South Korean company announced the sale in Russia of a jubilee copy popular with Russians model, and announced the set sales record. 

    Solarisentered the Russian market in February 2021, and gained popularity among buyers. In less than four years, 400 thousand copies of this model turned out to be on Russian roads, which confidently takes the place of the leader in the rating of models among foreign-made cars and is in second place in the overall rating, behind the first domestic oneLada Granta. .

    The owner of the anniversary hatchback received the keys from the general director of the company in the CIS, Ku Yong-Gi.

    The car enthusiast choseSolarisred, confirming a recent study on the color preferences of men and women when choosing a car.


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