How Avtovaz Warned The Mass Recall Of Lada 4X4 Urban

  • How AVTOVAZ warned the mass recall of Lada 4x4 Urban
      PortalWheels. RUalready reported that during a long test of the new Lada 4x4 Urban, an SUV was found to have a malfunction in the curvature of the air conditioner belt tensioner roller bracket. Participants of the ART runShow Russiawho discovered this defect, a detailed report was drawn up and sent to AVTOVAZ specialists. The plant solved the problem in just two days, thereby preventing further mass recall of cars of the model of this modification. 

    October 1 at the facilitiesVIS-Autothe release of a new modification of the Lada 4x4 Urban has started.

    Let us remind you that the car takes part in the ART-runShow Russia. , during which it is necessary to overcome more than 6,000 kilometers of asphalt roads and roads with a different surface. On the Voronezh - Rostov section, two belts - a hydraulic booster and an air conditioner - fell off the engine pulleys. If with the first the problem was solved immediately, then the second required the help of AVTOVAZ specialists. The team of the art run told about what happened in the video.

    In the evening of the same day, as the participants of the ART race said, the damaged belts were photographed and sent to AVTOVAZ with a written report. The next day, the director of the Lada 4x4 project, Anatoly Moskalyuk, said that the problem had been studied and a solution had been found.

    It turned out that the component parts of the tension roller bracket of the air conditioner drive belt were connected by welding. Due to the stress in the weld, the bracket was deformed, which led to the failure of the Lada 4x4 Urban climate system.

    As a result, the welding connection was replaced with a bolted one, so the defect found during the route through 15 cities of Russia will not reach the mass consumer.

    But. ..

    In the photo: replacement of the roller bracket with a new one sent to Sochi by air mail.

    However, let's not forget that the production of Lada 4x4 Urban started on October 1, so some of the released onesUrbanovmanaged to get a bracket with a welding connection.

    We hope that the defect detected before the start of sales will not be found on the commercial copies of the model.

    According to own informationWheels. RU. , at the moment about 50 Lada 4x4 cars have been produced. A total of 500-600 will be collected this yearUrbanov.


    Recall the price of carscrossoverline of AvtoVAZ was announced in early October, but, as the editorial staff of the portal managed to find outWheels. RU. , the price list for Lada Largus Cross and Lada 4x4 Urban cars will be changed. It will be possible to buy a cross-version of the Lada Kalina station wagon at the previously announced price of 409,000 rubles.


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