Hongqi Prepares New Limousine For Government

Hongqi prepares new limousine for government

China has its own Aurus - a family of Hongq29 L-series executive cars produced by FAW. Moreover, this project was implemented much earlier than the Russian one: the first batch of Hongqi HQE armored limousines was built back in 2009. These cars are styled after the classic Hongqi CA770 model of the sixties, which, in turn, was created with an eye on the Soviet car industry and therefore looks like the "twenty-first" Volga from the outside.

Hongqi prepares new limousine for government

Hongqi L5

Later, the family was deprived of body armor Hongqi L9 limousine (6.4 m long), L7 sedan (5.

55 m) and its simplified version of L5. The first two models are produced piece by piece, but the Hongqi L5 sedan in 2021 became small-scale, and in theory it can even be bought for five million yuan (770 thousand dollars), although FAW does not publish sales statistics. But it looks like the L-series retro cars will not become mainstream, because the next generation family is on the way.

In fact, the first cars of the new N-series appeared in the PRC government garage back in 2021! This is a sedan with the factory code Hongqi N501, the stern of which is similar to the stern of the Russian Aurus Senat, although the front end is original. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his entourage moved in new cars even outside their country: reporters photographed the motorcade with new Hongqi in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

At the same time, the N501 has never been shown at car dealerships, and there is still no such car on the Hongqi brand website.

Apparently, it was a kind of intermediate version of the flagship car, because now the Chinese spies have caught another car on the local roads. This is not a sedan, but a stretched limousine, which, according to unofficial information, has the N701 index. Retrostyle remained in the vulgar: even through camouflage, it is clear that the car is decided in the new corporate style of the Hongqi brand (the serial Hongqi H9 sedan looks almost the same), which was created by the former Rolls-Royce designer Giles Taylor. By the way, the FAW concern lured him away just in 2021, when the first N501 sedans hit the road.

Hongqi prepares new limousine for government

The current L-series cars are created on the basis of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV frame, and the only power unit is an aspirated V12 6.0 with a capacity of 408 hp. with. paired with a six-speed "automatic". But the cars of the new N-series will be different.

According to preliminary information from the Chinese media, promising "members" have a monocoque body, and under the hood are a 4.0-liter V8 turbo engine and an eight-speed "automatic".

Hongqi prepares new limousine for government

The official premiere of Hongqi N-series cars is expected in 2022, and it is possible that it will be held not at the traditional motor show, but timed to coincide with some state event with participation of Xi Jinping.



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